With the Oscars looming over the horizon, it’s a good time to start planning your Oscar night in Nomadland, which will be released on Nov. Actually premiered early December, weeklong, is one of the strong favorites to take home the Best Picture Award and could possibly be one of the top items on your watchlist With so much excitement about Frances McDormand’s directed film you have to ask yourself: When and where can we stream Nomadland?

Nomadland is based on a book by Jessica Bruder that tells the story of Fern (McDormand), a woman who lost her job in the midst of the great recession, now homeless and looking for a new job in her van Along the way, she learns from her real-life nomads, and as she travels, she learns what it means to be a modern day nomad.It’s a fascinating look at the economic hardship and the impact of the Great Recession on Americans in real life

But unfortunately you can’t stream Nomadland, at least not yet. The only chance to have seen Nomadland virtually came in early December when it ran for six days as part of the “Film at Lincoln Center Virtual Cinema” program It was one “Ticket” event with limited attendance and more or less a film rental that was only allowed to be played during a certain time slot. It is no longer available through Virtual Cinema

Nomadland is expected to be on 19 To appear in theaters February 2021 There is no news yet as to whether Nomadland will stick to the traditional 90-day cinema window that prevents it from being streamed anywhere, which would allow possible streaming availability for Nomadland well into May 2021

However, as this is what it is, and with the Oscars in April 2021 fast approaching, it is possible that there is a compromise to get the film into the hands of the audience sooner rather than later / p>

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