NBA star Steph Curry is one of the most famous athletes in the world When a reporter asked the Golden States Warrior Guard a question called “Wardell” in January 2021, fans were a little unprepared, of course, no one was as surprised as Steph Wardell himself:

While Curry is rarely referred to as Wardell, this is his real birth name Curry was born on Nov. Born in March 1988 as Wardell Stephen Curry II

As indicated by the “II” above, Curry is a family name Steph was named after his father Wardell Stephen Curry, who is much better known as Dell Curry Dell was an NBA player like Steph

In 2018, after the birth of Curry’s son, the NBA star said he and wife Ayesha debated naming the boy Wardell Stephen Curry III.The couple eventually ended up going by the Canon name but kept Wardell as their middle name her son

When they learned their third child was going to be a boy, Canon came back to mind, The Warriors star also debated naming his son Wardell Stephen Curry III to continue the family tradition, calling him Trey

“We thought about it,” said Steph, “but Ayesha has four or five people in her family named Trey I wanted something special”

He continued, “Canon just got stuck. I passed his grandfather’s name through his middle name to keep family ties there”

While fans (and most reporters) know the three-time NBA champion as Steph, the basketball star said that some of his close friends still refer to him by his maiden name

In a Warriors World Q & A he says he was named after his father, and although he is widely known as “Stephen” or “Steph”, his close friends still refer to him by his maiden name

Steph’s viral reaction occurred during a press conference on Jan. on 20, 2021 the moment can be seen around the 12 minute mark of the following video:

Stephen Curry

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