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As vaccines are injected into millions of guns around the world, authorities are watching closely for any unexpected side effects

And a higher than expected number of deaths among frail and elderly Pfizer vaccine recipients in Norway is currently being investigated

The Norwegian Medicines Agency reported last week that 13 people had died shortly after being vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine – all over the age of 80 and all in nursing homes

So how do we know if these deaths were vaccine-related or if they could have happened anyway? And if they turn out to be linked to the vaccine, what does that mean for the rollout?

* The Australian Open participants who were quarantined prior to the tournament tested positive for the virus Will they be deleted in time?

* Are there any side effects of receiving a vaccine if you are already immune to the virus?

* I am increasingly meeting people who are suspicious of the vaccine. How do you talk to them?

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World News – AU – Is Pfizer Vaccine the culprit of elderly deaths in Norway?