A suburban pub as well as a central TAFE campus in Brisbane and popular bars in Fortitude Valley have been added to Queensland Health’s contact tracing list

I would contact the Department of Health to see if there is a reason to leave 13 45 25 84

Weekly samples are taken from five wastewater treatment plants in major cities: Woodman Point, Beenyup, Alkimos, Mandurah (Gordon Road) and the Subiaco wastewater treatment plant These five wastewater treatment plants cover most of the Perth metropolitan area. Throughout January 2021, regional wastewater treatment plants were added, including Albany, Broome, Bunbury, Busselton, Esperance, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Northam and Port Hedland

A person who during the specified time (on or after the 20th March at 00:01 a.m.) in an affected location (Greater Brisbane), upon arrival in NSW, must immediately travel directly to the person’s place of residence or to a suitable place where one can live if the person is already in NSW , must immediately return to their place of residence or an appropriate place.The individual may only leave that place of residence with a reasonable apology for 14 days after the last time they were in a place of concern or while this notice is in effect, whichever is the case earlier lies

There are several questions this evening that people ask me what my personal opinion is about people going through their travel preparations

Transit to, from, or through the greater Brisbane area is permitted provided that an individual does not leave the confines of an airport or private vehicle

No, you don’t need to self-isolate as the Gold Coast is not a “place of concern”

The only places on the Gold Coast that you would need to self-isolate are when visiting venues that are classified as Closed or Occasional Contact Places

I want to stress that this information is correct when I clicked publish If it changes we’ll let you know

If you are 17 or older If you were in Greater Brisbane on March 25th, you will need to fill out a permit to re-enter NSW

If you are aged 20 or over If you were in Greater Brisbane on March 25th, you must comply with the stay at home instructions and only leave your residence with a reasonable apology.This applies to anyone currently in NSW and anyone who will be in NSW as of Monday, March 29th March, enter

The only exception is if you haven’t left Brisbane Airport

Hand it over to Mick a little earlier – I’ll be back first thing in the morning to bring you ~ the big announcement ~ from Queensland, more test results from northern NSW, border changes, case numbers, vaccine news, and whatever is thrown at us

According to RACQ, driving around with a face mask hanging on the rearview mirror can result in a $ 311 fine on the spot if police determine it is blocking the driver’s view of the road

“Greater Brisbane drivers obviously have a habit of always having their mask on hand, but a mask dangling from the rearview mirror isn’t safe,” said RACQ spokeswoman Lauren Ritchie during the January lockdown

“Drivers need to have a clear view of the road from all angles so that they can easily see other cars, pedestrians and cyclists

“Masks can create a blind spot and increase the risk of accidents, especially when you are driving on motorways or busy roads

“You shouldn’t hang anything on your mirror that might block your view – this includes your mask. So pack it where it doesn’t distract you – no matter how long your journey takes”

The Gold Coast Titans are heading to Sydney today, where they are expected to stay for at least the next few weeks You’re on the road with the Brisbane Broncos after flying out of Brisbane on Monday after the Queensland government announced a three-day lockdown on the city

This round of the NRL has been mixed up a bit to reflect the changes Saturday’s game between the Gold Coast and Canberra has been moved from Robina Stadium to Kogarah Oval

The Cowboys will stay in Townsville for the time being, but will travel to Sydney later this week to take on the Sharks

Here’s the full story – will I regret my decision to really go off the field and tip the Titans this week? Yes, probably

As we heard earlier, Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke earlier this year of his hope that the COVID-19 vaccine will be in the arms of 4 million Australians by the end of March

This story details where the rollout is currently taking place and what the delays could mean if you get the vaccine

We recognize the Aboriginal people and the Torres Strait Islanders as the first Australians and traditional administrators of the countries where we live, learn and work

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QLD Lockout Update

World News – AU – Downtown Bars, TAFE Brisbane campus added to contact tracking list

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