Update: Perth influencer Em Davies has explained her actions after initially appearing to violate mandatory lockdown rules by exceeding the time allowed for outdoor exercise

The self-described YouTuber, stylist, and model appeared to break the rules this morning by spending an hour and 17 minutes on a “coastal walk” and then by her 380000 Instagram followers boasted of it

This despite the fact that Davies also posted the stay at home order on her Instagram story, which went into effect at 6 p.m. yesterday evening and allows people to exercise one hour a day outdoors

Popular social media Instagram account Celeb Spellcheck quickly posted it on their account

But Davies said the post was taken out of context, explaining the incident on Instagram that the extra 17 minutes was due to her stopping on the way home to buy take-away

“This morning I did my hourly exercise outside of the house. This took no more than an hour and was within the allowed 5 km radius,” wrote Davies

In the next post, she also explained that her Apple Watch “runs all the time” and that it has never violated the blocking rules

She also shared a picture of the receipt stating that she bought takeaway food at the popular Yelo Cafe by the sea in Trigg

Following the original post this morning, Davies came under fire immediately and quickly deleted the Instagram story – but it was too late

In her previous posts on her Instagram story, Davies had mentioned that she “already missed the gym”

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