They were one of Melbourne’s most famous couples and for 21 years Nathan and Tania Buckley lived under an intense spotlight

AFL: Collingwood manager Nathan Buckley has admitted that Adam Treloar and Jaidyn Stephenson’s surprise deals were brutal, but necessary for the club to move forward

Nathan Buckley and Tania on their wedding day and after Collingwood’s loss in the Grand Final 2002Source: Herald Sun

He was the captain and then coach of the biggest football club in Australia.She was the red carpet risk taker and the high profile WAG before the term was even coined

After meeting at a restaurant in St Kilda in 1999, Nathan Buckley and Tania Minnici were never far from the spotlight

And they’re under further scrutiny when a year of rumors surrounding their relationship ends with the official announcement that their 18-year marriage is over

It ends a union that has reached some dizzying heights including a memorable first meeting, romantic proposition, picture book wedding, countless holidays, and the birth of their two sons, Jett and Ayce

But the duo also endured some hardships, from Tania’s struggles to fit in with the Magpie women, a fraudulent rumor, and a fight to get pregnant that’s her story

Before Buckley met Tania in 1999, he was in a relationship with radio and television presenter Shelley Ware

He had been single for 10 months and was just being named Captain of Collingwood when he met Tania at a restaurant in St Kilda met who belonged to friends they had in common

He had his guard up, but she quickly brought it to a halt by cheekily asking him, “Where are your wife and children?”

“I thought he might be in town,” Tania told Herald Sun in 2011 “He said,” No, I am not married and I have no children “So I thought,” Oh, well then “and gave him a cheeky smile

“The people he was with were talking about going elsewhere and I said,” I’m not going there, I’m going up the street “And I took my bag and left. Then suddenly he ran down the street after me and he said,“ Do you mind if I join you? ”That’s how it started”

Tania initially pursued a career as a hairdresser after high school before moving to her father’s business and running several gas stations across Melbourne

Her family was Collingwood supporters and her father was quite impressed when she brought the Magpie Skipper around

After a casual start, Buckley made things official over a homemade meal and they moved in a month later

She quickly became a celebrity fixture during the awards season, making a name for herself for risky but flashy outfits, including the most famous of them all – an exposed, diamond-studded G-string from 2001

Buckley dominated the field and seemed untouched by his girlfriend’s revealing wardrobe, who said that as long as Tania was comfortable, she could wear whatever she wanted

The following year, Buckley surprised everyone – except his best buddy and Tania’s father – by asking the question over a barbecue with friends and family at their Hawthorn home

“We had our parents and close friends there and he got up and got everyone’s attention and asked me to marry him in front of everyone,” Tania said at the time

“I had no idea and it couldn’t have happened in a better scenario – he planned it all and did it so well

“It was emotional for everyone. Nathan had every single girl here crying and some of the guys had tears in their eyes too”

“It was originally one of the most difficult times in my life when I came to the club,” said Tania. “It was very difficult to sit with the women and friends The girls made it very difficult to invade as outsiders”

Buckley also suffered a devastating nine-point loss after leading the Magpies to the 2002 Grand Final, and was famously photographed for Tania to comfort her in the dressing rooms afterwards

“The first time they lost was the most emotional five minutes I’ve ever had – other than a baby,” she said

They had the same feeling again in 2003 when the magpies went to the Brisbane Lions again

Nathan Buckley and Tania Minnic were married on New Year’s Eve 2002 at St Ignatius Church in Richmond Source: Herald Sun

But they continued to maintain a happy balance in their relationship, getting married in Melbourne on New Year’s Eve in 2002 at an event that was billed as Football Wedding of the Year

The President of Collingwood, Eddie McGuire MC, was at the front desk and they were selling photos of the day to a tabloid magazine

A rumor about Buckley’s betrayal of Tania with Christi Malthouse, the daughter of his then soccer coach Mick Malthouse, made the rounds and even made it onto the radio

It wasn’t until seven months later that the two women spoke on the phone and finally put the matter to bed

In the meantime, the Buckleys began a marriage. She listened to the demands of his profession and he helped her start a boutique shoe store in South Yarra

“I’ve learned to say, ‘Do your thing and when you have time I’ll be here,” she said in 2002

Buckley, who had spent his formative years in Darwin and Adelaide before starting his career in Queensland, seemed blinded by Tania’s appetite for the finer things in life

He switched from a mullet haircut, flannel shirts and vacationing with the boys in Bali to a sharply dressed international jet setter with Tania on his arm

“Tania has very refined taste, she knows what she likes and what she doesn’t I think if you share time with the person, one, you merge and take on characteristics of the other, there is no doubt,” he said Early 2000s

“She definitely likes quality. She likes good places, good people. She doesn’t feel so comfortable in places and situations that she doesn’t judge. She lives life the way she likes to live it. I have things, people and situations always very accepted and that’s a quality I’m proud of “This is a quality I learned from my mom and dad, especially my mom. I don’t think I’ve lost that, but I think it has changed. When I get the chance to do something outside of Footy for myself or for us, I do the things that I really enjoy rather than bend over and make someone else happy ”

After each season, they headed overseas, vacationing in Italy, France and Hong Kong, and renovating their lavish home in Middle Park

Nathan Buckley is recovering at home after surgery on his Achilles tendon with his wife Tania and petsSource: Herald Sun

Now in her 30s, she made no secret of wanting to have children, but getting pregnant was proving difficult

Determined to take the next step in her life, Tania sold the shoe store and the couple started IVF treatment

There came a trial period because Buckley’s football career derailed from persistent injuries, but they were thrilled to get pregnant on the first try

“Nathan was having a tough time with injuries and suddenly I had IVF that was physically and mentally demanding,” Tania later revealed

“So I counted on Nathan to help me with this. But it all worked out and we were really lucky I got pregnant on the first try”

Their first son, Jett, arrived in December 2006 and the following year they bought a $ 4 million mansion in Toorak, Melbourne’s most exclusive suburb

They had discontinued birth control because Tania did not believe she could get pregnant naturally, but on vacation to Dubai to celebrate the end of Buckley’s career as a player, she got pregnant again and became pregnant in September 2008 a second son, Ayce, was born

Without the daily pressures of preparing to play footy, Buckley was a new man in his wife’s eyes

“He’s so much more relaxed and happier. His humorous side came out,” she said in 2008, “He’s actually a completely different person”

But despite his obvious talent in his early years as an AFL media analyst, the itch to return to the inner sanctuary proved too big, and in late 2009 Buckley signed a five-year deal that would eventually take him over from Malthouse as Collingwood coach

“Because (Nathans) is so committed, he could work seven days a week. Even on his day off, he still holds meetings,” said Tania in 2011

“He doesn’t have a lot of downtime at all Monday through Friday, working three or four nights a week in his office I knew it would be like that from player to assistant coach, the extra workload is incredible”

Collingwood trainer Nathan Buckley with his sons Jett and Ayce and his wife Tania after Collingwood lost the Grand Final 2018 Image: Nicole Garmston Source: Herald Sun

Collingwood tumbled down the ladder in Buckley’s early seasons, leading most to believe that his days were numbered

But he received the support of the Magpie board and was able to evolve from a micromanager to a more tireless leader during a period of reflection

An October 2017 yoga retreat in Bali with Tania during the AFL trading period highlighted Buckley’s development as he severed the connection and allowed others to do their jobs This led Collingwood to go all the way to the 2018 grand finale, where it passed five points for the West Coast Eagles

While she wasn’t in the limelight in their relationship as she used to be, Tania was back in the locker rooms after the devastating defeat

Buckley – who had his critics during his playing days – was widely hailed as a good example of the modern coach after the loss

But it appears that his celebrated professional growth has hit rock bottom in his personal life

A few months after leading the Magpies in a kick-to-back finale, he and Tania split

The Buckleys were able to keep their breakup from the media out for most of 2020 as he was out with his soccer team for most of the year tackling a COVID-hit season

But it was still a year of negative headlines for the 48-year-old after breaking COVID protocols to play tennis in Perth with former Australian pro Alicia Molik, beaten in the Geelong final and then an end to a monitored-season trading period that was ravaged by the media and pies fans alike

But the toughest moment of all came on Friday when Tania officially announced that their marriage was closed

They plan to raise Jett, 14, and Ayce, 12, together, according to The Herald Sun that Buckley currently lives in an apartment in South Yarra owned by a sports manager where his former soccer colleague Billy Brownless stayed when his marriage fell apart

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