Perry shared her pregnancy news in March 2020 in her “Never Worn White” music video

In the summer of 2020, Katy Perry welcomed her little girl Daisy to the world. Fans think she found inspiration for her song “Daisies” in her little one and it was really cute to see her as a new mom

Perry’s personal life has not been easy as fans know that Russell Brand texted him to get a divorce. Now the singer is engaged to Orlando Bloom and they have raised her family and the fans are happy so for her

Let’s take a look at Katy Perry’s maternity journey.She has been very honest about everything and the fans appreciate that

Bloom and Perry teamed up over In-N-Out Burgers when trying to get a burger she wanted to eat at the Golden Globes It’s an amazing story, and now that they’re raising their little girl and get married, it is even better

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Katy Perry spoke about the physical aspects of having a baby. She said, “I’m really grateful for my body and I have so much respect for women, of course, going through this process just gives you a whole new point of view But everything is swollen. My hands are swollen. My feet are swelling. It’s starting to get to this point “

In late September 2020, Katy Perry tweeted that being a mom is absolutely a “full-time job” and people were really glad she said that

According to Ellecom, she tweeted, “When a mom finally goes back to work (whatever job she does), it’s not like she’s coming from months of free time,” She’s coming from a full-time job of being a mom, lol ” She went on, “Call your mom and tell her that you love and appreciate her and that you are committed to family paid vacations!” “And concluded with” I love my job “

The name Daisy is perfect and fans might be curious about how Perry came up with it on Newscomau reported the singer was in Australia in March and met radio hosts Brendan Fevola (nicknamed Fev) and Fifi Box from Fox FM

Fifi Box’s daughter is called Daisy and Perry said it was a wonderful name. Fev said to Fifi Box on the radio, “I think it was a week after she announced she was pregnant. She saw your baby and I’ve never seen anyone love someone else’s child as much as she did when you said her name was Daisy “

Katy Perry always looks so fashionable and her music videos are always colorful because she knows how to dress well and creates a fun atmosphere. Fans know their home has to be just as beautiful, and Hello Magazine reported that Perry and Bloom have a great house in Beverly Hills with a fantastic garden

It seems like a wonderful place to cuddle a newborn baby According to Us Weekly, the couple stay close to home and enjoy that time, a source told the publication, “At first they were concerned that Katy would have to get back to work right away but she has been fully focused on being a mom and being happy, staying home and spending time with Daisy, with no trips planned at the moment, the source also said that Bloom is happy to get up at night with the baby and close it feed what is so sweet to hear

From working full time being a mom and raising kids to sharing the truth about pregnancy, Katy Perry’s journey into motherhood has been so moving and beautiful fans will enjoy following this cute family and chances are, that Perry talks about motherhood in future songs, which is going to be really cool

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