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I’m a celebrity Get me out of here! Star Grant Denyer co-starred Jack Vidgen on his 24th birthday Birthday paid a bubbly homage

Grant took to Instagram on Sunday sharing a string of winners in which he presented Jack with the 2011 Australian Got Talent trophy

Grant wrote, ‘From announcing your name as Got Talent WINNER in Australia in 2011 to standing next to you in the jungle while you watch you ** kick an absolute **’

Pals: IAC’s Grant Denyer shared throwback pics on Sunday introducing co-star Jack Vidgen with the Australian Got Talent trophy before wishing his ‘brave’ friend a happy birthday

He continued, “I’m so proud of you, Jack, and the smart, funny, courageous and compassionate young man you’ve become

‘So proud you were the star of the jungle and an inspiration for many because of your extraordinary qualities. Happy Birthday my husband I love you’

Grant worked as a presenter for Got Talent in Australia in 2011 He first met Jack when he was a teenager

Tribute: “I’m so proud of you Jack, and the smart, fun, courageous, and compassionate young man you’ve become,” Grant wrote of Jack Pictured: on AGT, 2011

Grant wife Chezzi Denyer also sincerely congratulated the singer: “Happy birthday, Jack, beautiful soul, we love you ‘

On Friday, the singer exuded confidence when he was spotted with a number of friends at the celebrity hotspot Bondi Icebergs

He wore a stunning baby pink suit that he paired with a crisp white t-shirt.He finished off the outfit with a pair of worn white joggers

Close: Grant’s wife Chezzi Denyer (L) also wished Jack a happy birthday: “Happy birthday, Jack, you beautiful soul, we love you ‘

Jack gained a new fan base by becoming a breakout star on I’m A Celebrity He has been praised by fans for being so open and honest

In the episode last Sunday, he announced that he “probably would have been ready” to come out earlier (as gay) if he hadn’t been put in the spotlight

‘I feel like I probably would have been ready to get out sooner But probably because just about everything that has happened and is known and in the public eye and also [Australia’s Got Talent], “Jack told co-star Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico

Emotional moment: Jack was praised by fans for his raw honesty on the show, speaking of his sexual struggles and complicated relationship with his mother

Jack revealed that he had a girlfriend, ages 17-19, who was more of a “glorified friendship,” and felt ready to come out gay when he started seeing his ex again

“Oh it was amazing,” he said of how it felt to come out gay to friends and family ‘[It was] one of the most incredible feelings of my life’

Everyone smiles: Jack couldn’t wipe the grin off his face when he took pictures with his abundance of friends on Friday as he celebrated his birthday with a dinner at the hot spot Bondi Icebergs

‘There will just be something in your head that is so dirty and disturbed And it will make you think something is perverted when it really isn’t,’ he said

‘Love is love But when other people accept it and say, “This is so normal, this is so okay,” he continued

Jack came out publicly gay in May 2019 when he staged his comeback on the hit series The Voice

The Mighty Jungle: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! continues Monday at 7.30 a.m. at ten

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