A former Wesley College student has accused the school of failing to inform her parents or the police after reporting she was sexually assaulted and assaulted a group of boys when she was in her ninth year was

The woman, who left Wesley College a few years ago and spoke anonymously to The Age, said the boys involved had been suspended for fondling them and taking pictures of their uniform, but the school had offered little assistance / p>

â ???? It was kept quiet I didn’t get any help Nobody talked to me about it She said I’ll still get advice I got PTSD from it I had no idea about sexual assault It would have been good to know early on what’s okay and what’s not

â ???? I went to a new school and have never experienced [sexual misconduct] It shows that it has to do with the organization It comes from the school itselfâ ????

The new allegation surfaced Friday when the school apologized to students who had been sexually assaulted and harassed and passed some complaints to the police

The woman’s mother said the school failed to adequately inform her, report the incident to the police, or provide assistance to her daughter I can’t think about this school I have little respect for it She said

â ???? It was cruel all around I had to be the one to go after you just wiped it offâ ????

A school boy responded to the new allegation Friday afternoon, saying, “During this week Wesley College has been made aware of a number of inappropriate behaviors and is methodically working on each allegation

“The College Encourages Every Student” Past or Present? with a relevant story that you can share to contact the student advisor or the headmaster’s office directlyâ ????

Headmaster Nick Evans apologized to the victims and the school community on Friday morning after a week of exposing misogynist culture at the school

“I apologize wholeheartedly to those involved on behalf of the college” he said However, it is not enough to be devastated. This was a call to action. We must actâ ????

Mr Evans said some of the allegations were criminal and required police involvement, while others showed “cruel attitudes towards the opposite sex” what would be hit with a disciplinary and pastoral response

> Student body

The school has hired leading child protection agency, Bravehearts, to conduct a college-wide review of child safe practices and run an education and training program for every student, staff member, and parent / carer community at all locations

Mathew Sinclair, the agency’s national child protection training manager, said Wesley received Bravehearts Jan. Engaged for the first time in March to support their existing learning programs on Respectful Relationships and Consent

??????????????????????????????????????? he said in a letter We heard thatâ ????

Wesley College is one of the largest independent schools in Victoria with thousands of students in three locations

The issue of sexism and harassment emerged Monday after boys in Wesley uniforms after the Melbourne Women’s Justice Department on Jan. March had made loud misogynistic comments

Isabella Major, 11th grade student Class of St. Kilda Road Campus, has launched an online petition where students can share stories of assault, harassment, or misogyny at school

“So far I’ve received over 50 responses and there is a different pair every hour,” she said

“Boys don’t believe consequences will be handed out, and neither do victims trust the school to do anything”

“I honestly feel good that people are finally talking about these things” ????

Isabella said a disappointing personal experience reporting harassment to teachers helped her start the petition

??????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????? There were no consequences. They swept everything under the rug She said

â ???? There are divisions in the church. We will encourage our young men to engage in this deep listening you really have to ???? he said

He said the school was “a microcosm of Australian society” and was sure that other schools faced the same problems

Ms. Bence said it was a deeply sad time and she was shocked at the nature of some of the complaints

â ???? There are students on this campus who sometimes feel unsafe. This has been devastating to our entire communityâ ????

Michelle Green, executive director of Independent Schools Victoria, said members shared “the dismay and revulsion throughout the community” at the revelations coming from Wesley College and other schools

â ???? Their dismay is heightened by the knowledge that this appalling behavior occurs despite conscious efforts by governments, schools and other organizations to combat discrimination, bullying and abuse when it comes to vulnerable young people, especially girls on???? Ms. Green said

She said it was a problem beyond the schools and any effective response would require more commitment to the community and parents

Ms. Green said, however, “Schools are realizing that they have to do more and that they have to do better”

ISV has begun a review of sexual assault and harassment-related programs available to its 220 member schools

The review would determine what is working and what needs improvement, and would include the exchange of information between the government and the Catholic sector

Jim Miles, executive director of the Victoria Catholic Education Commission, said it was clear that schools, parents, policymakers and the wider community need to do more to educate young people about respectful relationships

“We are at an important point where schools need to invite and empower young people to participate in ongoing discussions about the effectiveness of existing programs and the priority they are given”he said

If you or someone you know needs assistance, call the National Sexual Assault, Domestic, and Family Violence Hotline on 1800 737 732

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World News – AU – “I Didn’t Get Help”: Wesley is accused of failing to inform parents and police about the attack on teenagers

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