From 6 a.m., phones and emails alerted students on the Tweed Coast of their HSC scores and ATARs

We’ve compiled the best results from across the Tweed Coast region on the NSW Educations Standards Authority website and we can show you who are the top performers for our region

* Distinguished Achievers lists the students who have achieved a result in the highest possible band (Band 6 or Band E4) for one or more courses


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The center had its first symposium in 2018 after the Lismore floods in 2017


“This is a wake-up call. In less than 200 years, these species have lost 80 percent or more of their rainforest habitat ”


He was guilty of cutting down more than 200 mangroves but said he did it for the right reasons


A large crime syndicate that allegedly uses “black flights” to move money, weapons and drugs across the country has been dismantled by the police

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Take a look at the Northern Rivers students who have had the highest bands and top scores in the HSC this year


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Tweed-Byron, Richmond Police District Numbers Outlined in New Report


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HSC 2020

World news – AU – HSC 2020: Tweed Coast top performers are announced