The last time the planets were so close to Earth from our point of view was almost 400 years ago

The moment has come tonight, keep your fingers crossed for clear skies and try to see the extraordinary connection of Jupiter and Saturn, whatever else you do

Known as the grand conjunction, the line of sight to each planet is now so close that you probably can’t tell them apart as separate objects, so find a location with a clear southwestern horizon and look for the brightest object you are deep down in the twilight sky: this object will be both Jupiter and Saturn

The graphic shows the view from London to the southwest on 21 December at 1700 GMT Don’t be late, the planets will set early this evening

The last time that the planets were so close on Earth from our perspective was almost 400 years ago on April 16 July 1623 Of course, the planets aren’t really close together, Jupiter is currently 886440 km from Earth and Saturn is another 733205 km behind They happen to be in the same direction The conjunction is visible from most parts of the planet

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