I’m not sure if your kids do this, but my kids believe every year that they will catch a leprechaun every St. Patrick’s Day The children of other people do that?

I think this goes back to when my kids were in daycare and preschool because I remember the programs having fun with St Patrick’s Day and placing leprechaun tracks throughout the school for the kids to enjoy Since then, my kids have been determined to catch a leprechaun I’m doing because who am I to ruin the sheer innocence and curiosity of it all?

Every year it is fun to see my daughters tinker some kind of trap that they believe will lure a goblin into its ultimate doom. This year they made an elaborate slide apparatus that the goblin into a box of lucky charms Isn’t it ironic? Do not you think? I apologize if I have the song in your head now

Anyway, my kids are great at it, and we go along with it and create the impression that the goblin is destroying our house and thwarting their plan to capture it. I mean, they’re only that small once and you only have one couple of years to do such fun things So why not hug? Fortunately, the goblin left some chocolate coins as a reward for the attempt they made

Do your kids try to kill the leprechaun on St. Patricks day? I can’t be the only one helping make goblin traps, can I? Hmm, maybe it’s me


World News – AU – How to Catch a Leprechaun in Your House

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