Former My Kitchen Rules star Colin Fassnidge, 46, found fame and fortune thanks to his culinary talents

But it was not only the place where he started his career as a chef, it was also the place where his personal life blossomed

The Irish-born celebrity chef was working at Sydney’s most famous restaurant in 2000 when he met Jane Hyland, who was serving as the venue’s assistant manager at the time

Unknown to either of them at the time, this woman would ultimately become Colin’s wife and mother to their daughters Lily, 10, and Maeve, 9

Colin Fassnidge and Jane Hyland have been happily married for 15 years after meeting when they both worked in the same restaurant in 2000

“We were both here on work vacation at the time. It was just before the Olympics so it was a good time to be in Sydney,” Jane, who is also Irish, recalled New Idea from last year their first meeting

“I don’t know what Colin’s first impressions of me were, but I thought he talked a lot!”

For Colin, Jane didn’t expect to find anything while looking for love Down Under. First, he was hoping to meet an Australian girl while Jane “hoped for Chris Hemsworth” and second, it wasn’t exactly love for him first look

“She was tough,” Colin told Australian Women’s Weekly in 2019, remembering that she yelled back at him when he yelled

“Not a good thing if you try to bring them up, but I was born from setbacks,” he admitted

“I don’t know what Colin’s first impressions of me were, but I thought he talked a lot!” Jane said of Colin while the MKR star said he initially thought Jane was “tough”

It wasn’t long before Colin and Jane’s boss went on a date with her, and Colin joked that she was instantly overwhelmed by my good looks and charm. ”

“We were both in Essen so it was fine,” Colin told New Idea. “It got serious within six months”

The fairy tale continued when Colin and Jane on Aug. Taking their vows while overlooking Sydney’s breathtaking Watson’s Bay on January 1st, 2006, the couple’s loved ones attended the wedding, including many who had traveled from Ireland for the big day

Now, two decades after their relationship, Colin and Jane’s union and family unit is stronger than ever, though the TV personality jokes that some of their traits can get on his nerves

“I live in a house with three women – there are always tears and arguments and my wife and my daughters just undress and don’t put them away. That just gets me down,” he said to Escape with a firm tongue Cheek

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