retail giant Woolworths is pulling books by controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans from its shelves after he posted a cartoon featuring an icon linked to neo – Nazi Attack and Christchurch Mosque on social media

Evans’ publisher, Pan Macmillan, said he was “ending his contractual relationship” with him while bookstore chain Dymocks said it would also stop selling his books

The backlash came after Evans published a cartoon depicting the “black sun” symbol, used by far-right groups including white supremacists in the United States and paramilitary units in Ukraine

In the cartoon, a caterpillar wearing a MAGA hat, popularized by US President Donald Trump, says “I have changed” into a butterfly with the symbol “Black Sun” on its wing

The Black Sun, or Soninrad, was also used in the backpack and the statement of the shooter who killed 51 people in the Christchurch Mosque attacks in 2019

He said in a statement: “I look forward to thoroughly studying and researching all codes that have ever existed before publishing them.”

The Woolworths Group today said it will remove Evans’ books like Going Paleo from its Big W stores.

“Big W is reviewing a collection of its books regularly to make sure it aligns with its values,” Woolworths Group said in a statement

The company said: “These opinions are not our views as a company or the opinions of our employees.”

“Pan Macmillan is currently ending its contractual relationship with Pete Evans and is therefore not entering into any other publishing agreements moving forward”

“From our point of view, the images and opinions expressed by Mr. Evans are repugnant, unacceptable and extremely offensive,” both companies said.

Raw C, a health food company with which Mr. Evans was previously associated, said it took steps to “separate from him personally and as a brand” over the past year due to its “Mr. Evans behavior pattern”

The company said on its website: “We are both terrified and sad by the religious and anti-Semitic undertones of [sic] this tweet.”

In April, Mr. Evans was fined $ 25,000 by the Therapeutic Goods Administration over allegations it made about a product called “BioCharger” and “Wuhan Coronavirus”

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