Brisbane is well positioned to lift its lockdown in time for Easter – but it’s too early to make a commitment, says Queensland’s health chief

Two new coronavirus cases were reported in Queensland on Wednesday, both of which have been linked to known outbreaks

Jeannette Young, chief health officer, said it was “encouraging,” but it was just a day of positive news

“We need to get more results starting today, so it’s absolutely important that anyone with any symptoms be tested,” she said

“So if there are other transmission chains, we will pick them up immediately and then receive the results tomorrow morning and can then make a decision””

“If we see really good test results and no unrelated cases, the signs are positive”

Previously, epidemiologist Peter Collignon had told Sunrise that the determining factor behind the extension of the lockdown should be mysterious cases

“I think we have to see what happens to the cases in the next few days,” he said

“But the really critical thing is how many mysterious cases we find. In other words, cases in the community that are not linked”

More than 33000 test results were returned in Wednesday’s update, which, according to Palaszczuk, was a daily record

Palaszczuk said she will announce whether or not the lockdown will be extended on Thursday at 9 a.m. CEST

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