It might be mid-November, but are you feeling the warm summer breeze? It’s Harry Styles on the December cover of Vogue, which was unveiled today

The first photo for Vogue, which has never been seen by a single man before is photographed by Tyler Mitchell, who made history as the first black cover Vogue photographer in September 2018 wearing a tuxedo jacket and a dress given to him by his friend Alessandro Michel, the director Creative Gucci, and the story celebrates the way he breaks down barriers with fashion.

“[Harry] is a picture of a new era, of the way a man can look,” says Michelle in the cover story written by Hamish Bowles, who is also periodically indulged in flexible expression “He’s really in touch with his feminine side because it’s something normal and it’s A great source of inspiration for the younger generation – how can you be on a completely free stadium when you feel comfortable I think revolutionary ”

Wearing clothes, composing music and living in the moment: This is what matters harry_styles boundaries and labels? Not much Read the full December cover story: https://t Share / XpEzTsnQY9 / sbVeXgtZee

Styles seriously spoke to Bulls about his life path after One Direction (it was recently announced that he would be starring in Olivia Wilde’s second movie) and the freedom he found in fashion that he enjoys experimenting, and he got a lot of attention for that thanks to designer Harry Lambert. “The clothes are here to enjoy, experiment and play.” The thing is really, really exciting is that all of those lines kind of fade away, ”Styles told Vogue,“ I’ll go to the stores sometimes, and find myself looking at women’s clothing thinking it’s cool like anything – any time you put up barriers in your life, You only restrict yourself “

Styles, of course, are to really be himself, but it’s worth noting that his flexible, gendered style is commendable in part because he is presented as a straight white man (although he has said in the past that he “didn’t feel the need” to define his sexual orientation) may not An odd-looking star like Billy Porter, who had been expressing himself with fashion long before his red carpet days, is celebrated the same way

Unlike Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid, who Vogue described as gendered fluidity – they love to share shirts – styles are simply posed as a man who enjoys wearing clothes regardless of gender, Wilde says in the cover story: “I hope this kind of confidence is like a male Harry – who is truly devoid of any toxic masculinity – has an indication of his generation and thus the future of the world. ” “I think he supports it in many ways, and it drives that up. It’s very powerful and extraordinary to see someone in his position redefine what it can mean to be a man of confidence.”

Vogue’s Hamish Bowles meets legendary music czar enchanting, harry_styles Read December cover story in full: https: // t Share / h7s3WdlHvj pic.twitter com / pGDn7W18LC

While it’s fun to see patterns living freely in the spotlight, gay and transgender people, especially people of color, face discrimination and violence for the same kind of expression but Harry Styles, a visionary and Aquarius, may live in a fair and equal future in his head The rest of us only hope reality can catch up

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World News – AU – Harry Styles is the first male solo to be on the cover of Vogue