Some artists had to wait all night to hear their names, but Harry Styles went into the 2021 Grammys winner as a winner. The star kicked off the ceremony on Sunday night with a soulful performance of “Watermelon Sugar” Together with Dev Hynes of Blood Orange, he debuted a new mix of the hit that started the evening eventfully, Styles was never one to arrive in standard menswear and had not one but two captivating looks for his first Grammys night First a green and yellow checked tweed jacket and tartan sweater combo worn with a lavender boa for the red carpet, then a black leather jacket and matching pants paired with a mint boa for its performance, all of which Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele designed

After years of working with Styles and his stylist Harry Lambert, Michele realizes the process has become second nature. “It’s easy for me to dress Harry,” he emailed, “We’re feeling beautiful connected, the result of a real friendship There’s a really natural and spontaneous connection between us and that’s why he and Harry [Lambert] enjoy working with him! “

The feeling is shared by Lambert, who sees the ongoing collaboration as an open dialogue that allows them to undermine the tradition. “We always try to do something unexpected,” says Lambert. “We start with, over a silhouette or speak an idea that Alessandro might have and then build from there. We look at Gucci shows, the new collections; We think of silhouettes that have worked in the past and that we loved then together we think about what we can do to challenge people’s expectations and keep people interested.Everything must always feel very Harry, but also unique for the occasion ”

For his landmark Grammys debut, Styles paid tribute to the tradition of English individualism, a concept that shaped the wardrobes of groundbreaking musicians from Marc Bolan to David Bowie. “This is Harry’s first Grammys, so we wanted to do something that changed felt British and eccentric, “says Lambert.” A bit of rock and roll and a bit of camp I hope we did this with the mix of tweed and boa, which is British, rock and roll and camp “Though They wanted to avoid rewarming the familiar, the cut of Styles’ suit served to connect his pre-show moment with the performance“It was also important for all of us that the silhouette for the stage was the same as the red carpet, but that the actual look felt like polar opposites,” explains Lambert. “One is patterned and lively and the other is smarter and sexy ”

The rigor of Styles’ second outfit contrasts with the retro aesthetic it has been associated with That was exactly what made it the right choice. “I think people could assume that his look would mirror the music video when he performed his single“ Watermelon Sugar ”,” explains Lambert. “We wanted to turn this on its head and advocate something In fact, the pastel color scheme and sweetness of the video were noticeably absent in its place was a glam rock-influenced mood that signaled the dawn of a new era, “I don’t feel like anyone has seen Harry like this before , so the Grammys felt the perfect moment to do this, “says Lambert,” [It’s] kind of a post-promotion for the Fine Line album. For the stage, it’s sexy, minimalist, a little bit eccentric, but still doing Fun ”

Although the ceremony’s Covid-19 guidelines postponed the awards ceremony to a largely virtual format, Lambert was grateful that the security precautions allowed Styles to remain free-spirited. “We were fortunate to have the performance despite strict and important Covid Guidelines could run relatively normally, “he says.” It was the first time Harry had been able to perform on stage for people in a while, which is exciting. The most important thing for the actual performance is that Harry can move and dance while he likes to move, dance and perform It is therefore always important that he wears something that is not restrictive and that he can have fun in and feel comfortable in. It was also great to be able to do a (socially distant) red carpet again ”

It’s exciting to go back to the red carpet and make a smooth gig, but for Lambert it’s best to see Styles’ reaction to a really innovative look “When he’s really happy at something, it makes me really happy” he says, “You can see it in his performance too. He really enjoyed wearing this look and I think you can really tell I think it showed him another side”

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