Six years after Hamilton stormed Broadway and nearly a year after Disney Plus premiered the filmed staging of this production, the musical has opened on our Shore

Yes, we don’t have to wait any longer: After a fierce bidding war between our two largest cities, Hamilton is now playing in the Lyric Theater in Sydney

The opening on Wednesday evening was the world’s first performance of Hamilton since Dec. March 2020

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, maybe a little helpless, here is a guide to the Australian production of this inimitable, original musical phenomenon that won 11 Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize

This is the story of Alexander Hamilton, America’s forgotten founding father; An orphan and immigrant from the British West Indies who became George Washington’s right-hand man during the American Revolutionary War

After the war, he was a fierce and prolific advocate of the new American constitution and, as America’s first Treasury Secretary, played a crucial role in the development of the US economic system

That may sound dry, but Hamilton also had a pretty chaotic personal life, including a nemesis: attorney (and later U.S. Vice President) Aaron Burr

The musical prodigy Lin-Manuel Miranda (In The Heights) wrote Hamilton, inspired by Ron Chernow’s 2004 biography of Hamilton

Miranda told Playbill in 2012, “I’ve had the rare experience of jumping out songs while reading It’s an incredible book, but it’s an incredible life too”

Hamilton began life as a concept album and then evolved into a sung live hip-hop musical that opened at New York’s Public Theater (on Broadway) in January 2015

It had moved to Broadway by August, where it was hailed as a breath of fresh air in the world of American musical theater

Hip Hop seems like an odd choice for a musical about a white couple, but Miranda said at 7:30 that Hamilton “shares traits with the hip-hop artists I admire in his self-invention and productivity “”

As with most Broadway blockbusters, the set, staging, and choreography remain the same in any local or touring Hamilton production

Accordingly, the staging in Sydney is almost identical to that in Disney Plus – with one notable change

Following a move he took for West End production, Miranda changed three words in the lyrics to ensure certain jokes land

Director Thomas Kail dares superfans to find out what – on a show averaging 144 words per minute – those three words are

Kail told ABC Arts, “One of the things the movie does is that because of the way the camera moves, it gives everyone the same angle [but] your experience in the theater is a collective one Experience, you are en masse – which is such a thrill “

The 35-strong Australian cast includes performers from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, as well as actors from Samoan, Maori, Filipino, Jamaican, South African, Nigerian, Egyptian and Japanese heritage

Miranda loves the variety on stage, and from the beginning and for every production, performers of colors have played all the leading roles

“There was a possibility that this wasn’t a story about old dusty white men,” says Kail


Why Producer Michael Cassel Introduced Paid Cultural Leave and Cultural Advisor for Hamilton Australia Production

The Michael Cassel Group (also behind the Melbourne production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) is behind the Australian production, and the original American creative team was closely involved, from Miranda and Kail to choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler and the musician Supervisor Alex Lacamoire

COVID-19 has resulted in working with creative colleagues in Sydney via Zoom, including a year-long casting process

“The people who walked in weren’t just making bold decisions and having really strong interpretations that were specific to them, but there was only one passion for the theater,” he says

Filling the shoes of someone who taps 63 words per second (Daveed Diggs, who played the most popular fighting French Marquis de Lafayette, as well as the role of Thomas Jefferson) could be intimidating, Kail says that every new performer is his own Brings experience to his character Take the Maori actor Matu Ngaropo (The Lion King, Sydney), who plays George Washington

“I have no idea what it feels like to go through some of the things these men have been through,” he told The Stage Show

“But what I have is my personal experience, my family, my struggle, my hope to realize my dreams – and one of those dreams was to be [here]”

The musical does not explicitly address or explore slavery, even though some of its main characters were slave owners

Nor does it address the role of some of his key figures in the Native American genocide

Unsurprisingly, both omissions were criticized – criticisms that surfaced again last year when the filmed version landed on Disney Plus after the Black Lives Matter protests

“The nature of theater is that none of the words have changed [since 2015] But the world is so fundamentally different and the conversations we have are so much more revealing that the show now takes on a different meaning”

“And we have to take the resulting conversations and recognize the things that are on the show and the things that are not on the show and talk about them and ask questions about why they are not”says Kail

And yet: There are Australian fans who know the cast album word for word – and the only thing that stopped Hamilton’s sold-out run in the West End (which opened in 2017 and won seven Olivier Awards) was the pandemic

Kail told The Stage Show, “While our show is very much about the founding of our country, it’s [also] about the spirit of the revolution”

Jason Arrow, who plays Hamilton in the Sydney production, said at 7:30 am, “It’s about people, history [and] how America got where it is, but it still is for us too relevant; As a country, we still find our feet in many ways “

With Broadway and the West End still dark, the chance to see Hamilton live, take a look around and wonder how lucky we are to be alive now

As per Lyric’s COVID safety plan and as per NSW Health, the Michael Cassel Group is currently offering tickets for the venue’s full capacity However, spectators are given certain arrival times, and the wearing of masks in the theater is compulsory for people aged 12 and over

If you want to be in the room where this happens, tickets are available through Ticketmaster

But you don’t have to beg, steal, borrow, or trade, there is also a $ 10 lottery for every performance

We recognize the Aboriginal people and the Torres Strait Islander as the first Australians and traditional administrators of the countries where we live, learn and work

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