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The scariest day of the year has arrived! As the days get shorter and the nights longer and colder, Halloween is celebrated this time of year in the early winters Halloween marks the eve of the Western Christian holiday of the Feast of the Relics and All Saints’ Day What day is Halloween? Every year, the holiday festival is celebrated on October 31st and Halloween 2020 falls on Saturday this time It is believed that deceased saints and martyrs return to Earth on Halloween and people engage in various activities to ward off wandering spirits.

An age-old ritual is observed on this day where children dress in spooky outfits and go door-to-door for special Halloween candy. Halloween costume parties are also all the rage on this day, which sees revelers donning ghostly outfits and makeup This year, however, all social engagements have gone virtual, just like Halloween Virtual Halloween parties, virtual Halloween games, virtual Halloween costume contests, you’ll find a plethora of ‘fun online activities to complement the celebrations Home parties will also take over this year

Whatever you have planned for Halloween this year, some spooky foods are a must Here are some recipes you could use to scare your loved ones and make this Halloween as spooky as possible

Boo your guests with these petrifying cookies Shape them like Jack-o’-lanterns, witch hats, bats, ghosts or whatever makes your back shiver Click here for the recipe complete

There is something about mythological Egyptian mummies that scares our lives And, a genius idea has struck us! These mummy dogs are sure to shake you and your family even more and make the festival mummy. Click here for the full recipe

The name of the recipe is enough to give us a shake Chicken sausages are wrapped in chili peppers and spices to look spooky! Click here for the full recipe

We never thought that a scrambled meatloaf with breadcrumbs could be so terrifying This is why this snack is a staple on your Halloween party menu Click here for the full recipe

Lamb pie turned spooky with carrots and onions The meat dish is a must to satiate the greed of your friends who have become ghosts Click here for the full recipe

Desserts are bittersweet on Halloween This spider cake is sure to cast a fear spell on you when you can’t help but indulge yourself Click here for the full recipe

Surprise your family and friends with these flawless dishes and make the night really spookyHappy Halloween 2020! Comments

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