Russell T Davies’ new Channel 4 drama “It’s a Sin” was largely positively received by fans and critics who call it an “a” “Concise Masterpiece”

Actor years & years front man and actors Olly Alexander, Omari Douglas and Callum Scott Howells The series follows three young gay men who moved to London in 1981, just as the AIDS crisis was emerging

The five-part miniseries builds on Davies’ other shows dealing with gay culture, including Queer as Folk and his Cucumber / Banana / Tofu trilogy, noted in his four-star review by the Independent television critic Ed Cumming however, that “It’s a sin that feels especially personal”

“Despite its theme, it hums along with a sin that never lingers long on its downbeats. The opening episode is a happy vision of the comfort of sex and friendship, as well as a powerful recreation of time and place

“For anyone who has gone through the agony of getting out, especially a hostile family, or who has lost loved ones to AIDS, I assume it will move,” he wrote

The Guardian review noted that the series received “a special response” during the pandemic: “We can empathize a little more with the fear, uncertainty and responses that are rational and irrational to the onset of a new disease respond … We can also identify with endless, thoughtless joys that painfully stall, the crush of sanity and irrationality within – and perhaps in the aftermath, the wrestling with absolutely inappropriate and incompetent government responses to a spreading crisis ”

On Twitter, television presenter and writer Graham Norton wrote: “The best five hours of television I’ve seen in years Your heart is broken, warmed and cast amazing soundtrack epic, but most of all it’s about genius and compassion by @ russelldavies63 ”

DJ and producer Jodie Harsh tweeted: “Between Pose, Veneno, Drag Race and It’s A Sin, we live in the golden age of LGBTQ television important, exquisite, world-changing television”

Writer and comedian David Baddiel said, “While there are a lot of things to like about It’s A Sin, what I really liked was the speed and economy with which Russell T Davies works to start Ensemble In For 20 minutes you already have the feeling that you know all these people well ”

Davies recently spoke about his ideas for Doctor Who, revealing that one day he wants to introduce a shared Marvel-style universe into the sci-fi franchise

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It’s a sin

World News – AU – Graham Norton calls It’s a sin “the best five hours of television I’ve seen in years”