Since greeting the boy with his friend and former One Direction star Zayn Malik in September, the couple has been very private

The 25-year-old model shared the news in a subtle way – by updating her personal Instagram bio with the words “Khai’s mother”

In a separate Instagram story, Hadid shared a screenshot of a message believed to have been sent to Malik saying she was “obsessed”

Hadid also posted a cute black and white photo of herself holding the boy – who can just be seen in the frame as she kisses her cheek

She also hinted at the struggles of a new mom’s life, capturing a close-up photo of her face with, “For new mothers, if you washed your face today, I’ll be proud of you”

It’s not the first post she dedicates to sweet death. In November, she posted a picture of herself with her daughter and said they had decorated early for Christmas

“A whole new breed of busy &, tired [😅] [❤] ️, but she’s best friend so she got Christmas decorations early,” she wrote

Hadid recently shared details about the moment she first found out she was pregnant – that was the day before she walked the runway on a Tom Ford show

Yeah, I found out the day before the Tom Ford show that I felt so sick behind the scenes, but I’ve learned that if I keep eating, I can somehow control it so my mom can tell me before every show Snacks packs Bless https: // tco / JIRLGnBgvJ

And how her mom helped her overcome morning sickness behind the scenes – your trick? Constant snacking to keep the nausea at bay

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