The Oscar winner joked that Ms. Amal watched him in “ER” runs and is not too happy with the behavior of his character

“My wife is watching her now and it is getting me in big trouble because I forgot all the horrible things (my character) took up with women and things,” he said to Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett during an appearance on their “SmartLess” podcast this week

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“ER” was a huge hit and ran for 15 seasons after its premiere in 1994. Clooney, who left the series in 1999, received two Emmy nominations for his role as the handsome man, Dr Doug Ross The actor noted on the podcast that the show had around 42 million viewers at the time, which was “unknown” at the time

Clooney cemented his status as a true star in the drama, and Bateman jokingly wondered if Amal would be struck by a star if he watched him

Clooney, 59, married Amal in 2014. He said she was just too good to be true

“The truth was I met this amazing woman and she took my breath away and she was brilliant and funny and beautiful and nice and I was kind of knocked off my feet,” he told the podcast hosts

“We got engaged after a few months and got married within the first year we met (It) surprised me more than anyone in the world and everyone else was quite surprised”

Clooney, who is a notorious joker, also shared a story about how his son put peanut butter on his shoe and pretended it was “poo poo” before a meal, proving he’s a chip from the old block / p>

He said it took him some time to enjoy fatherhood because the first year children are so dependent on their mother

“Well, the guy has literally no business for the first 12 moths, they don’t care about you at all. They are like mom for everything, for food, for everything,” he said

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