The problem with George Clooney growing a beard for Santa Claus is that it is difficult to take your eyes off it, which means you may not be giving The Midnight Sky Story the attention that she deserves we’re talking about a tremendous feat on facial hair, made even more dramatic by the frost clinging to each strand.If you stare for too long, the main plot of the film is easily buried in the tundra

We assume that is why you are here The credits are rolling and you are very confused What happened? Where’s the beard? Can I grow a beard like that? Probably not! But we can help you with the rest in a recent roundtable, Esquire asked the cast of The Midnight Sky to give us a glimpse into the closing moments of Clooney’s Netflix space epic and the thinking behind the story

The first is the first: the journey After a mysterious catastrophic event wiping out much of the human population, scientist Augustine (who also directed George Clooney) decides to stay at his outpost in the Arctic while others Survivors Escape Into Space He is determined to single-handedly connect with a spaceship crew on their way home from a newly discovered planet with little knowledge of what happened on Earth Little does he know he doesn’t Alone is a young mute girl named Iris was also left behind

The real reason for the earth’s dystopian demise has been purposely kept vague.It is an all-purpose substitute for climate change, for a global pandemic (the film was made before Covid-19 reached such a status) for one of the existential threats , to which humanity is currently exposed “I am constantly thinking about how much our planet would change anyway, just as it has changed in the last millions of years,” says Demián Bichir, who plays the astronaut Sanchez. “The planet will survive without us, we are at risk ”

Given the harsh, habitable conditions on the film’s grounds, it’s hard not to endure some kind of environmental apocalypse “I think regardless of government or country, we are all individually and as countries to blame for what happens to our planet “says David Oyelowo, who plays Commander Gordon Adewole,” Nobody is exempt from the impact we have on the planet “

The signal is at his station downstairs, and Augustine is forced to take Iris on a harrowing journey to reach another satellite that could potentially come in contact with the spaceship.Your wordless adventure often comes with sepia-toned memories of Augustines Failed relationship with a woman named Jean (Sophie Rundle) interrupted decades ago, who gave birth to a child he presumably had no contact with.The scene also regularly switches to the spaceship, where the hopeful crew – led by Commander Gordon and his pregnant partner Sully ( Felicity Jones) – battling asteroids and radio silence on a doomed homecoming voyage

(Trivia: Felicity Jones found out she was pregnant after the cast, and George Clooney just rewrote her part to include it. “I sat down a lot, which was a real joy,” Jones says it adds Finally adding levels of danger and hope to story, Clooney revealed, “The fact that Felicity got pregnant […] gave us something that now feels like we should have been doing it all along, which is this other continuous line, this future it passes through ”)

The ship races on as Augustine and Iris brave death on Earth, furious blizzards and sub-zero temperatures threaten to derail their voyage, but they eventually make it to the nearest space station and finally make crisp contact Augustine gloomily tells them they don’t Have hope of a safe return to Earth – that they should fly back to the planet they came from and start humanity anew

Sanchez and fellow astronaut Mitchell (Kyle Chandler) decide to return to Earth anyway Mitchell receives a video message from his wife who evacuated Earth with his sick sons, and she reminds him of the vow he took that he would return to earth Ultimately, life without her was no life at all. “It is my job to keep a promise I made to my family,” he says to Commander Gordon Sanchez, who is driven by the tragic memories of his late daughter, who Need to face death and take home the body of Maya (Tiffany Boone), a young astronaut who died on board

Sully contacts Augustine again to tell him that she and Commander Gordon are returning to the habitable planet. Then Sully reveals to him that he is one of the reasons she joined the space program in the first place; that he had worked with her mother Jean Sullivan Augustine’s ears perk up and a wave of knowledge floods him. She reveals her real name as Iris tears run down his cheeks “It’s very nice to finally meet you,” he says. “How is it there, Iris? Tell me about it? “

She further describes the beauty of mankind’s potential new home – the place where Augustine dedicated his life to discovery, sacrificing his relationships in the process. While listening, a breathtaking view appears once with a silhouette of Augustine holding the hand of the young girl stops before cutting out and then reappearing, this time without the girl. The child was an invention of Augustine’s imagination; a conjured memory of his estranged child with Jean who drives him on to save humanity Little did he know that it was actually his child that he would save Finally, he smiles as he looks alone at the imaginary planet and orange, blue and purple glow “It’s like landing in Oz and seeing real colors for the first time,” she says. He decides not to tell Sully the truth

Then the signal is cut off. “I think it’s just us now,” says Commander Gordon. “Just us,” Sully replies. The camera stays with them uncomfortably as they go to work and roll the credits without saying more

Why has the still camera been trained on you for so long? “My intention with this recording was that it suddenly drained away that you now have a much greater responsibility than you, that is, you have the responsibility of mankind. That is a great responsibility,” said Clooney. “In the end, that’s what I wanted Having an overwhelming sense of responsibility and then the vision, “Okay, now let’s get back to work “

“The only way to solve big problems is to lower your head and get back to work”

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