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As of today, six million Australians can schedule an appointment to receive a COVID-19 vaccine from general practitioners

In Phase 1B, adults over the age of 70 and healthcare workers who have not been included in previous vaccine rollouts can receive the vaccine

Aboriginal and islanders of Torres Strait over the age of 55 are also eligible, as are adults with some underlying conditions such as chronic kidney failure, heart disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes, chronic liver disease, severe obesity, and some neurological conditions

Critical and high-risk employees, including defense, police, fire, emergency services, and meat processing workers, are also eligible

A total of 1,104 GP clinics across the country, including nearly 250 in Queensland, will be offering vaccines as of Monday

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COVID-19 Vaccine

World News – AU – Full List of GP clinics in Queensland that will be offering the COVID-19 vaccine Monday through 4 BC Chr to offer