Country music legend Dolly Parton experienced her own medicine on Tuesday when she was given a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, researching which she helped save the 75-year-old Parton took the second in one in the social media presented video asking qualified viewers to take the shot, and with that effect broke into an adapted version of “Jolene” “Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine, I beg you, do not take a moment “she sang,” vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, because if you’re dead at this point, it’s all too late “

Dr Naji Abumrad of Vanderbilt University Medical Center controlled Parton, who wore a sweater with shoulder prints for the event, a dose of the Moderna vaccine. The two are long-term relatives; They met in 2013 when Parton was admitted to the trauma center after a fender bender and have grown closely since last April, when the pandemic hit, the two discussed the state of the early COVID-19 investigation – and soon Parton Vanderbilt explained a $ 1 million gift that was used to reserve three pandemic-related exploration projects, including one identified with the Moderna vaccine

Mark Denison, director of pediatric infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University, announced to NPR that Parton’s gift specialists helped specialists build a “great test” for vaccine preparation, Parton, who has a long history of charity , recognized as a money ally in an initial report in the New England Journal of Medicine of the Moderna vaccine shipped in November On Tuesday she said she had been in line for a vaccine since December “I’ve been staying for some time,” Parton said, “I am mature enough to get it and I’m brilliant enough to get it. “Parton told The Associated Press a month ago that she doesn’t want to get her shot until more people have a chance to get her shot She said she didn’t need it to look like she was crossing the line because she’d given cash

“If I get it I’ll probably do it on camera so people know and I’ll get them clean in case I have any signs and such,” she said. “Ideally, it’ll empower individuals I’m not going into.” Jump in line as I could “Parton made a touch of representation during the video when Abumrad arranged the setting that” it didn’t take that long to film all day “after the blow, she noticed it did no harm, just something stung, probably because of the alcohol swab The sooner more people are vaccinated, Parton consoled the audience, the more likely they can expect a return to happen regularly

Dolly Parton

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