Renee Gracie “feels like Donald Trump” after ex-Supercars-turned-pornstar driver was banned from Instagram

Ex-Supercars driver Renee Gracie said her father encouraged her to run her OnlyFans account because she makes so much money

Former Supercars rider turned pornstar, Renee Gracie signed up on Instagram after she was banned from the platform

Gracie, 26, claimed the social media site disabled her account and she was being censored

The Aussie pleaded for her innocence by stating that her slippery pics were no worse than bikini models – and she’s been taking extra care to be vigilant over the past few weeks

Gracie, the 750 before her forced pit stopHad 000 Instagram followers, the Daily Mail said, “I just woke up and can’t log in. You (Instagram) haven’t given me a reason that I consider the most difficult

“I was careful about the things I said in my comments, The photos I uploaded All of these things

“The work we do isn’t illegal. If we were drug dealers or something, I get that

“It’s a little crazy to think that it’s so strict It’s a wild time to be alive

“The sex industry and sex work industry has been around longer than Instagram”

Gracie – who planned to return to the track last year – believes the move will cost her thousands of dollars a month

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Gracie added that she felt “like Donald Trump” after the outgoing American president was also banned from social media sites last month for inciting violent riots in the US Capitol / p>

“When I told my dad I was banned, he said, ‘You did (a) Donald Trump’ and I said I don’t incite violence – make love, not war,” Gracie said

“He (Trump) is an example of how these social media platforms are starting to take responsibility. The last week has proven that”

The tattooed star gave up motorsport for the porn industry due to the financial struggle and was the first full-time Australian supercar driver to earn barely 20$ 000 a year

After earning the nickname Devil Princess, the Queensland native started driving as a teenager and dreamed of competing in a US NASCAR championship

In 2015, Gracie was part of an all-female team that competed in the Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercar Race – the most iconic event on the Australian racing calendar

Her dreams came screeching to a halt after finishing 14th in the same Mount Panorama race in 2016 Occupied space before being replaced by a series of bad ads

However, thanks to her popular OnlyFans account, she can make a lot more money paying subscribers who view her adult-only content

However, Gracie is concerned about how the wallets of her and her co-workers will be affected by the Instagram clampdown

“(for some girls) Five, ten to 15$ 000 a month easily It would be devastating to people who have lost their accounts ”

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