Former Labor MP Emma Husar has criticized the Labor Party’s treatment of women, accusing the party of maintaining a culture of silence and cover-up and treat the sexual harassment of women as a political issue

In an open letter to opposition leader Anthony Albanese posted on Twitter on Wednesday, Husar explained how she was “shamed” in 2018 when false allegations of misconduct were made against her

Husar, former federal member of Lindsay, wrote that Albanese told her in a September 2019 session that she was “nothing less than a public apology” for the treatment she endured in parliament, but that apology never occurred She said Albanese is part of a “powerful boys’ club” that protects one another

“I was upset by the way my former co-workers took the floor, but I was the silent onlooker as I endured such horrific treatment,” she said

“I have waited too long for the right thing to be done and I can no longer sit and watch woman after woman through the tacit consent that is given when our male leaders take political power from the safety of.” Women take over being badly treated ”

Despite its successful defamation case, Husar said the party continues to “pretend that there is bad treatment of women on only one side of the political divide”

“I will have no more secrets for and protect those who should have done better if they had the chance and still continue their approach of doing nothing,” she said

“Your inaction and that of the powerful boys’ club that protect each other must be reduced”

A strong woman stands up for herself, then she stands up for others.Thank you to all women who tell their stories The culture of silence is dangerous & exists on all sides of politics # auspol #BrittanyHiggins BildTwittercom / 51JuAe1haB

In light of Brittany Higgins’ allegations last week, Hussar told ABC’s 730 program that the Labor Party cannot continue riding its “sanctimonious high horses as it does not happen on the Labor side”

“In terms of their due diligence there was none and no assistance was offered,” Hussar told 730 on Wednesday night. “They were all complicit. They all sat there, they all knew it was wrong”

“They didn’t want me to speak out and they went out of their way to silence me

“Mostly they were the media unit attached to the opposition leader’s office They did their job mainly on behalf of their MPs to protect the Führer politically

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Emma Husar

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