MINSK, 23 February (BelTA) – There is no reason Belarus is paying all the attention to human rights unless Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said the sole purpose of putting political pressure on the legitimate government, BelTA said when speaking at the 46th Meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva spoke

“Belarus is a young, independent state that has developed steadily in an evolutionary way. We have never said that our country is perfect. However, we agree with the subjective allegations of human rights violations made against us by some of its members in the UN Human Rights Council There is no reason Belarus should pay all the attention to human rights, except for the sole purpose of putting political pressure on the legitimate government, ”noted Vladimir Makei

No country in Europe is under as much pressure from Western countries as Belarus, he said, “It seems that someone cannot get used to the idea that the Belarusian state continues to pursue its own strategy despite tough political and economic pressure, as it is popularly defined rather than using the Western-inspired recipes, “remarked the Minister

Belarus has been brutally attacked from outside because of this independent position, said Vladimir Makei. The reason chosen was the dissatisfaction of part of the population with the results of the presidential elections. “In order to overthrow the current government, all possible mechanisms have been put in place to deal with the internal situation to destabilize: from fake news about political and financial support from outside the supposedly “grassroots” protests to a multitude of political and economic sanctions. But Belarus has persevered. We have preserved the country, its sovereignty and independence, ”the minister stated / p>

The minister added that thousands of Belarusians from all walks of life, people of different professions and views took part in the Belarusian People’s Congress in Minsk. He stressed that the discussions and decisions of the People’s Assembly convincingly demonstrated that state policies are aimed at promoting the social and economic rights of the people, the cohesion of the Belarusian people and the commitment to constructive changes in social and political life, including the population, is supported by the majority of the forthcoming constitutional reform and steps to promote the political activity of citizens


World News – AU – FM: Belarus under pressure from independent politics

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