So Many Questions Firefly Lane debuted on Wednesday the 3rd February, on Netflix While it recorded the very complicated friendship between Kate (Sarah Chalke) and Tully (Katherine Heigl), it also featured the story of Johnny (Ben Lawson), a man who worked as the boss of both characters and later married Kate

During the season, Kate falls in love with Johnny almost instantly, but after trying to kiss her drunk and then forgetting, she goes on. During a new relationship, Tully and Johnny have a steamy night together, causing friction within the group leads

“Johnny sees what Johnny wants and what Johnny needs in his life, and they’re not the same,” 40-year-old Lawson told Us Weekly exclusively about who the character is better suited for. “Tully is the most adorable person, She’s just so alluring and attracted to her, but Kate is the person you would probably want to build a life with … Kate is the person Johnny really needs I think when Tully and Johnny get together and try would get it working, it would be just a disaster. It would be fun for about a year and then a complete disaster ”

While the girls reconciled with Johnny after Tully’s escape and the three ultimately become best friends for years to come – until Kate and Johnny get divorced – there is some sort of argument between Kate and Tully in a flash forward

During the last few episodes, as they go to Kate’s father’s funeral, she and her daughter Marah stay close and turn away when Tully arrives Marah (Yael Yurman) also tells her mother that she “misses” Tully what Kate also says

So what happened between the former BFFS? Lawson revealed that while he “knows what it is,” he isn’t going to give much more away

Kristin Hannah, who wrote Firefly Lane and the sequel book Fly Away the series is based on, noted that falling out could be the same fight that separates them in the book – which has to do with Marah – but you actually has no idea

“There’s a line in the season where you know they’re arguing about Marah, and Kate says,” Of course you crossed the line you didn’t even know there was one, “Hannah said exclusively us “And so, and that’s really the basic phrase of your problem later in this book. But what exactly you know where the show is going, we’ll probably find out in Season 2! “

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