Almost four weeks after the start, the country’s introduction of the COVID-19 vaccination is entering the second phase, with around 6 million more people being entitled to receive their sting from Monday

By Wednesday, 203557 people received their coronavirus vaccine nationwide, including 46820 people in NSW As of Monday, the nation plans to move into Phase 1b, with the doses to be administered in GP clinics

Phase 1b includes healthcare workers who did not receive their vaccines in Phase 1a, Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders aged 55 and over, other Australians aged 70 and over, younger adults with a qualified underlying condition or caregivers of disabilities and Disabilities and critical and high-risk employees, including defense, police, fire, emergency services, and meat processing employees

In a slight deviation from the original rollout plan, families of border and quarantine workers as well as flight crews can also receive their vaccines

The federal government has come up with a long list of underlying conditions that will allow a person to get their vaccine in phase 1b.Common conditions include cancer, diabetes, heart or lung disease, severe obesity (BMI> 40), and neurological conditions like stroke , MS, cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s

Frontline health and rescue workers were among the first in NSW to get their COVID-19 vaccinations Phase two of the vaccination rollout is now beginningCredit: Toby Zerna

An online quiz has also been published that people can take to see if they are eligible for vaccination

As of Monday, the federal government has promised vaccinations will be available at 1,000 GP clinics across the country, as well as 100 Commonwealth clinics

Vaccination of health care workers and others in Phase 1a will continue at the state hospital centers, with the state government expressing its intention to keep these centers open during the rollout

Phase 1a focused on people working in the quarantine system – almost all of whom were vaccinated – as well as frontline health workers, as well as elderly care workers and local residents

Australia is aiming for 5,000 places where people can get their vaccine, including 4,600 GP clinics

Individuals eligible for the vaccine in Phase 1a have been directed to book through the national online booking service or a GP’s own booking system

However, on Wednesday, the Sydney clinics said they were inundated with requests for COVID-19 vaccine bookings that they were unable to make because they had not yet received their vaccine doses

Karen Price, President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, asked for patience as GPs waited for more information from the federal government and described the announcement of the next phase of the rollout as a “difficult day” ???? for many clinics when taking calls from people who were confused

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â ???? Many practices will already go through their medical records to determine who is eligible and reach out to their usual patients to schedule an appointmentâ ????

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