Despite what most people believe, Michael Zerafa is a firm believer that he doesn’t “need” to fight Tim Tszyu

“I don’t need Tszyu – Tszyu doesn’t need me – we have bigger things,” Zerafa said the morning after the rising star’s impressive TKO win over Dennis Hogan to Wide World of Sports “I’m just trying to fight the fight fans to give who they want to see And I want to make it clear that I’m not the one running I want to fight him “

Zerafa has been playing his horn for a while to coordinate with Tszyu, and most of those with an open ear in Australian boxing say there’s a strong possibility the two will clash this year during Tszyu undoubtedly impressed overseas judges with his skills in the ring and his ability to attract television audiences in Russia and Australia, the ever-improving 26-year-old may have to wait until 2022 to win a world title

Even without the pandemic, politics and the multitude of agendas ahead make it difficult to secure such a fight on the world stage, given the fluidity of the situation regarding travel restrictions related to COVID-19, Tszyu’s promoters may need to get closer to home in the short term look to keep their fighter in the title interview

After defeating Anthony Mundine in the first round last month, Zerafa climbed the rankings The top-rated Australian middleweight was scrutinized after the unilateral win by media officials, but Zerafa says his international share is rising

“I don’t need the fight, I want it – there is a difference,” he said, “I’m too No. Drawn 9 in the world and No. 5 in the WBA and No. 1 in Australia with all new rankings coming out now

“We have things in the pipeline, we have the WBA interim world championship title. You turned to us and we are working on it. That would make me compulsory for a (Ryota) Murata or a (Chris) Eubank or someone like that

“I just want the big fights but domestically it’s Zerafa vs Tszyu you know I’m a big risk and that’s okay don’t come out and say I don’t want the fight and then settle down and then say I don’t want him “

Both fighters have been in discussions to fight for 2020 Zerafa says he should have faced Tszyu at Bankwest Stadium in December instead of Kiwi Bowyn Morgan, but claims he was knocked down by the Tszyu camp the two camps did different versions of the negotiations

According to Zerafa, he was around 70$ 000 offered to fight Tszyu while various reports claim it was double that in both cases, since then the two sides have been at odds, leading to Zerafa crashing Tszyu’s battle with Morgan during a battle with Tszyu closer than ever before, Zerafa emphasizes again that he doesn’t necessarily want to dance with the Sydneysider

“People think I’m chasing Tszyu, I don’t need Tszyu He’s there because he’s only there I’m the only other fighter who did what he did and more,” Zerafa said

“He talked about Hogan and the two defeats to world champions I won every regional title I knocked out Jeff Horn I won the Commonwealth title he didn’t have I fought former world champions He hasn’t done any of this yet”

Prior to the Hogan fight, there was some concern that the Irishman’s cage-like style might worry the 18-0 fighter, but he managed to get ahead relatively quickly and went down his opponent while applying extreme pressure exerted on the body

Stylistically, Zerafa could be viewed as a much more direct opponent for Tszyu, but Zerafa says their fighting styles go well together

“Styles make fights; these guys he fights are very walk-in fighters who throw the upper hand where they can be picked up,” he said

“I’ve fought them I’ve had 33 fights and these guys are a lot easier to fight than someone who keeps your distance and flicks the bump, slips and tears on the inside

“And I am, I fight a lot like Tszyu, but I’m more aggressive I think I have more strength and you can see that in my knockout rate. My style fits his perfectly”

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