The former X-rated V8 Supercars driver’s social media star has deactivated her page from the platform, claiming it has been censored

“I just woke up and can’t log in. You haven’t given me a reason that I think is the hardest,” the 26-year-old told the Daily Mail

“I was careful about the things I said in my comments, The photos I uploaded All of these things

“The work we do isn’t illegal. If we were drug dealers or something, I understand that our stuff is no worse than what companies upload with girls in bikinis

“It’s a little crazy to think that it’s so strict It’s a wild time to be alive”

The former driver who quit motorsport last year and opened her own OnlyFans account believes the ban will put her up to age 15Will cost $ 000 a month

“[For some girls] Five, 10-15$ 000 a month easily It would be devastating to people who have lost their accounts ”

“When I told my dad that I was banned, he said, ‘You did Donald Trump’ and I said I don’t incite violence – make love, not war

“(Trump) is an example of how these social media platforms are starting to take responsibility. The last week has proven that”

Trump put a permanent ban on Twitter last week The social media platform referred to the potential for violence that his tweets could trigger, especially after the unrest in the US Capitol

Ok so do a backup I’m also paying someone crazy money to try and get my other one back Is it even worth it? Maybe I’ll just stay on Twitter and tic tok? #reneegracie #Renee picTwittercom / L065dV58Tz

Last year, Gracie made the amazing claim that she was over 500 in JuneMade $ 000 after moving from motorsport to adult entertainment

Gracie is the first woman to compete in the sport full-time She now has her own website selling pictures and films for a monthly subscription fee

After claiming she didn’t care about seven years as a racing driver, Gracie said she could now be around 25Bring in $ 000 a week

Due to the increased notoriety of publishing her story, the 25-year-old said she made over half a million dollars in June alone

“Until recently, when I got a lot of media attention and some stories went viral, I averaged 70000 USD a month, ”she said in an interview with Gina Stewart, another OnlyFans star

“I know the numbers, but let’s just say I made half a million in June”

While Gracie has no plans to return to supercars, she said the unexpected gust of wind from her newfound fandom allowed her to drive without the constant financial pressures that originally forced her out of the sport

“I can now afford to race without worrying about a car accident. I don’t need sponsorships”

When asked if she would give up her newfound career if she had to choose between adult entertainment and motorsport, Gracie was unequivocally

“No, I’m not going to stop,” Gracie said, “That gives me the money to pay for”

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Renee Gracie

World News – AU – ‘Feel like Donald Trump’: Renee Gracie’s anger over social media ban