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Passengers on all domestic flights must wear face masks, and international arrivals are pre-flight tested as Australia tightens its health protocols to eradicate the recent wave of infections and protect itself from new variants of COVID-19

The steps follow increased concerns about emerging mutant COVID-19 strains that are far more transmissible than their parents

Two new strains of coronavirus recently discovered in the UK and South Africa have now found their way into Australia and have been reported among travelers in hotel quarantine in Sydney and Brisbane

“For domestic travel, the wearing of masks on all domestic flights is compulsory for everyone in Australia, with the exception of children under the age of 12 and those with other accepted exceptions,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed after today’s National Cabinet meeting

“As an additional preventive measure to prevent the spread, the wearing of masks is mandatory at all domestic airports in Australia”

“These measures and the associated compliance regulations will be introduced by the Commonwealth and state governments over the course of next week”

Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia hand out face masks before boarding and have them on board

However, the use of these masks has been “strongly recommended” rather than mandatory, with the exception of flights to, from, and within Victoria and New South Wales following outbreaks in these states

That will likely change this weekend. Exceptions will be made for travelers with a relevant illness and for children under the age of 12, although parents are encouraged to have their children masked

All passengers must follow all “reasonable instructions” issued by a crew member under the airline’s standard conditions of carriage

If you refuse, which in this case means wearing a mask, the passenger will be removed from the flight and possibly placed on a no-fly list prohibiting them from the airline, in addition to any other state or government penalties may apply. p>

Morrison said that under the new rules “everyone in Australian airport areas must wear masks”

This seems to clear up the problem of wearing masks in airport lounges, which used to vary from state to state, as airlines view their lounges as eateries resembling cafes and bars and covered by state regulations

In NSW, employees of such facilities are required to wear a mask, but not customers

In Victoria, however, it is mandatory to wear a face mask in indoor public spaces “except when eating or drinking”

Qantas and Virgin Australia have not only redesigned their food and beverage service to be “COVID-safe”, they have also reconfigured their airport lounges to meet government capacity requirements

David Flynn is the editor-in-chief of Executive Traveler and a bit tragic with a soft spot for good coffee, shopping and litchi martinis

That’s in the title and I haven’t read anything to suggest an airline would be exempt. If you want to fly, you must mask yourself now, except for exempted categories and children

The title has since been changed following my comment It was originally “Face Masks Required for Qantasm, Virgin Australia and Jetstar”

I have no idea how they are going to enforce this on overseas airlines over Australian airspace, but I thought they said that all flights, both domestic and domestic, are mandatory

Foreign air carriers have already made it mandatory to wear masks since April 2020.Some of the strictest are the airlines in the Middle East such as Qatar, where a shield is mandatory in addition to a face mask! If you don’t wear a face mask yourself in Qatar (or have their contact tracking app installed) you will be in prison for 3 years!

And all airlines flying to / from Australia would obey all government guidelines anyway, no matter how unreasonable they are

I recently predicted that face masks would be compulsory on all domestic flights and also at airports I was right again I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly I thought it would be a few weeks or even months last

This makes Australia one of the last countries in the world to impose a mask mandate on board flights.Most Asian airlines stopped flying during the April lockdown, but when flights resumed in May, face masks became mandatory Also made mandatory in China from April when flights resumed in that country Japan was one of the last Asian countries to make them mandatory, but even they followed about a month later International flights generally forced passengers as early as April To wear masks in flight, except on routes to / from the US, where it did not start until May.Also this month, more and more domestic airlines started introducing mask mandates.By June, all North American flights were covered. The same goes for Europe and Latin America and Qantas all other airlines flying to / from Australia had to be in April last year in international service wearing masks This mandate did not apply to domestic flights or airports, except in the international zone after immigration

Then came Victoria’s mask mandate in July and New Zealand’s mask mandate on board domestic flights in October, which didn’t seem properly enforced until December, finally NSW and now the whole country

“Two new strains of coronavirus recently discovered in the UK and South Africa have now found their way into Australia and have been reported among travelers in hotel quarantine in Sydney and Brisbane”

In fact, the British tribe has also been found in hotel quarantine in Melbourne and Perth on returning travelers in recent days

The article does not provide details such as what happens when you eat or drink on the plane, how to do it without removing your mask, or whether you are not allowed to eat or drink on the plane now To remove the mask for eating or drinking, you need to touch it with your hands There is a high possibility that you touched other surfaces on the way on the plane and on the plane that other people touched, if you are allowed to remove the mask for eating and drinking, how long or there is no time limit Everything a little bit blurry for me

If food is allowed to be served, you can remove your mask while you eat, however flight attendants will tell you when to put it back on.There is probably no specific time limit as such, but if you have an hour after your meal is over clutching a cup of tea, you may get some attention

Like in America? Wouldn’t it surprise me, however, have we seen such actions in Australia since masks became mandatory on Victorian flights in July? That will answer your question

Maybe it has already On Victorian flights, masks have been mandatory since the end of July I can’t imagine a sudden spike in drama in the rest of the country Also, NSW made face masks mandatory a few days ago

If a Covid Carrier wants to have a drink, it is “mask-off” and everyone is at risk. QUANTAS mgmt wants all passengers to be pushed before flying, but the pushes are not completely perfect so that the carrier (not QF) can influence others

Let’s keep comments on mandatory face masks for domestic flights, not discuss politics or spread nonsense about COVID-19 not being serious: keep this for your own Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, etc. at

Typical ScoMo Knee Jerk Response One case in QLD and an average of two per day in NSW Far lower than many occasions in 2020 but for some reason the goalposts have moved but the vaccine adoption hasn’t been accelerated much Neither do the new rules take into account the infection rate in the relevant cities, e.g. wearing a mask on a flight from Adelaide to Canberra is completely irrelevant My suspicion is that ScoMo is back from vacation and is determined to “do something” even if it has no scientific basis

Hello guest, join the discussion on face masks, which are mandatory on all domestic flights

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Face masks

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