Elvis Presley may be rock and roll’s greatest icon, but some interesting stories have surfaced over the past few years about the music legend, from his particular preferences for hair color and style to his favorite pastimes, Presley has got more than a few fans to raise their eyebrows

The most ubiquitous and scandalous stories about Presley’s personal life are rumors about his relationship with Priscilla Presley, according to one report, Elvis controlled his wife’s habits so much that he even forbade her to eat certain foods

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Elvis first met Priscilla (then Priscilla Beaulieu) when she was only 14 years old. At the time, Presley was serving in the army and stationed overseas on a German base

Sparks immediately flew between the two and they began dating, much to the dismay of Priscilla Presley’s parents – and the fact that Elvis Presley was 24 by the time his young girlfriend was 14, according to reports, Presley had the feeling that his girlfriend’s young age worked to his advantage, as some claim the music icon wanted to “train” her to meet his standards

In 1963, Priscilla moved to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, where she began living with the rock and roll star.They tied the knot in 1967 and welcomed their daughter just nine months after their quickie wedding in Las Vegas

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While many believe Elvis and Priscilla were very much in love, there were some serious problems in the marriage.Priscilla later revealed that her husband liked to be in control of what she did and had very strict guidelines on how he expected her to be He never wanted to see her without makeup and hair, and only liked it when she wore the latest fashions

Presley reportedly liked having tight control over his home and the food his chefs served daily, according to a report by All That’s Interesting, Presley hated fish so much that he not only banned it from the menu at Graceland, but also Priscilla said she couldn’t eat fish

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Rules and regulations that are strict can take a toll on even the healthiest relationship, and Elvis and Priscilla were no exception.After all, their marriage went beyond the point of no return, and in 1973 the separated both and eventually divorced

Even so, they remained good friends even after their divorce, and Priscilla admitted that they even spoke to each other on a daily basis after their divorce.It seems that for the King of Rock and Roll and his ex-wife, the divorce actually improved their relationship

Elvis died of a sudden heart attack in 1977. His death shocked the world and especially those closest to him

Priscilla stepped forward and managed his fortune until the time came for his young daughter Lisa Marie to take over the management and care of Graceland. Although the most famous rock and roll couple had a difficult relationship during their marriage, will her legacy will likely always be positive – especially for those fans who look up to Elvis

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World News – AU – Elvis Presley was so controlling that he banned Priscilla from eating 1 dish at Graceland

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