Sunday AM Finale: If you’re looking for some exciting financial action emerging from the movie business, this isn’t the office but the stock market, especially in last week’s boom for # 1 exhibitor AMC

The continued closure of cinemas during Covid-19 with only 45% of all 5Warner Bros opening 8K cinemas in the US and Canada Denzel Washington-Rami Malek thriller The Little Things last weekend, which opened for only $ 4 was 8 million in 2171 theaters, best for an R-rated movie and for older men during the pandemic worldwide, the little things made $ 76M, with money from 20 markets including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and United Artists Emirates

While not many people are getting through the theaters, including # 1 chain AMC, this exhibitor ended a wild week with a market cap mushroom of $ 4.5 billion and its closing price on Friday up nearly 300% weekly at $ 1326 that’s after Case of a dispute between short sellers and buyers from the Reddit investor group, the stock market was so great for AMC that its notable stakeholder Silver Lake received a payout on Friday, the issuer’s debt of 600 million USD converted into equity and then sold those shares for a substantial profit

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The Little Things three-day weekend has been a highlight in a low-ceiling market for older men since August It surpasses Solstice Studios’ Unhinged (opening of 4M USD) and Focus Features’ Let Him Go (4 million USD) USD), Open Roads Liam Neeson films Honest Thief and The Marksman (US $ 4 each) 1 million and $ 3M) and Universal’s News of the World (US $ 2 25M) Warners makes its remarkable opening “Little Things” in sync with the simultaneous publication of the picture on HBO Max We will evaluate the whole experiment again shortly, as new information was published in the past week

In terms of the exhibition landscape, Illinois and Chicago reopened theaters this past weekend as newly elected US President Joe Biden seeks to vaccinate the entire nation by the summer of Boston to reopen with a 25% capacity limit starting Monday The city’s theaters were out of light well before mid-December AMC Boston Common and South Dorchester will reopen on February 5 Seattle will also reopen some cinemas this coming weekend, according to sources, almost 2K theaters so far have not given a reopening date related to the B.Ö In the main states of the capital New York just over 20% of all cinemas are open, in California just over 5%

We still have a long way to go, and with studios delaying product despite selling a large amount upfront, I have to believe that belief in the proven, revenue-generating theater window system remains – even when physical media is in Retiring and Streaming Is Booming Regarding this controversial HBO Max release strategy for 2021, AT&T boss John Stankey was on defense during a Q4 call, claiming – and it’s hard to argue that point with him – that “the data points are in and consistent with the assumptions,” which means that Warners was correct as the market would suckle for a while as more studios abandoned the first half of the year (that is, we wait with bated breath for it that admissions are returning)

There were other highlights from Wonder Woman’s 1984 31-day game over the fledgling streaming service HBO Max and in theaters: Q4 HBO Max subscribers doubled to 174M and Nielsen reported that the viewing of Patty Jenkins’ directed film Gal Gadot DC during the December year-end holidays was a monster 21-27 corridor, with 225 billion minutes of streaming, crushing Disney’s soul by 35%
Given all these horns, however, it remains to be seen whether AT&T is making money on this WarnerMedia experiment, which could be a good form of marketing for the streaming service in the short term and a means of tipping subs by tapping around inventory during the pandemic But where is the money? Especially picture by picture?

WW1984 grossed just $ 152 million in production costs of $ 200 million, not including the P&A expenses Third place weekend at $ 13M and ongoing domestic profit of $ 392M I keep beating the drum that WarnerMedia should have split product frame by frame to HBO Max in response to the pandemic, as opposed to that jerky full slate movement / p>

As such statistics were released this week, AT&T was spending Q4 including approximately 780 million US $ “from the impairment of production and other inventory of content at WarnerMedia”, of which 520 million USD “the continued closure of cinemas during the pandemic and hybrid sales resulted in a model for our film in 2021,” reported Telecommunications

How did Little Things fare on HBO Max? We don’t know exactly what the number is Andy Forssell, EVP and General Manager of HBO Max, boasts, “We are absolutely thrilled with how Warner Bros”The Little Things” is set on HBO Max – it shot straight to number one where it currently remains. After the breakthrough of Wonder Woman in 1984, The Little Things shows our audience’s insatiable appetite for high quality feature films ”

At CinemaScore, audiences were not thrilled with Little Things, which gave them a B-, which is lower than the A-, Washington’s Equalizer 2 and A- of Equalizer, B of 2 for Washington in its action thriller genre Some will try to defend that CinemaScore doesn’t work with the same audience as it does in a normal market, but an audience rating is an audience rating, and PostTrak from Comscore / Screen Engine shows a lower positive rating of 67% and a recommendation of 40% of those who bought tickets where theaters were open 55% men, nearly 80% over 25, nearly 60% over 35, Caucasians made up 47% of ticket buyers, African Americans 29%, Hispanics 17% and 7% Asians / other reviewers of rotten tomatoes weren’t amused with small things at 48% Rotten, but they weren’t amused with Washington’s equalizer images either, Part 1 and 2 scored low 59% and 51% Rotten

In regards to Little Things marketing, RelishMix noted that Warner Bros “Used a short runway, Covid-centric tactic, with specific pivot points for date and day / day posting, and leveraged the studio’s social channels with an SMU social media universe of 538M SMU cross-promoted with HBO Max social channel with the emerging 18M SMU – and bypassed the traditional ramp-up of new dedicated pages for the movie The Warner Bros. Facebook fans connected to 343M and although only a trailer, posting has been robust over the past 3 weeks, with a moderate Facebook view engagement of just over 500000 But the well-charged materials on YouTube just exceeded 20 million views for both personal and earned posts and reposts, which is going strong, Jared Leto’s super social channels (331M SMU) for him and his 30 Seconds To Mars band feeds add to the SMU social media Universe on 1095M which is good for the drama / thriller genre ”

Despite WarnerMedia’s newfound love affair with streaming, RelishMix emphasizes, “On WBPictures Instagram they want to send a clear message about where you can see the movie on the big screen”

Top markets for sundries were 1 Dallas-Ft Worth, 2 Phoenix, 3 Houston, 4 Greater New York Metro (NJ, CT and Long Island / Upstate NY Theaters), 5 Chicago, 6 Atlanta, 7 Denver, 8 Salt Lake City, 9 Tampa, 10 Orlando

The 10 locations of the picture last weekend were: 1 Harkins Estrella Falls Phoenix, 2 West Wind Sacramento Drive-In, 3 AMC Disney Springs Orlando, 4 Santikos Casa Blanca San Antonio, 5 iPic River Oaks District Houston, 6 Santikos Palladium San Antonio, 7 West Wind Solano Twin Drive-In (Concord, CA), 8 West Wind Capitol Drive-In (San José, California), 9 Cinemark North Canton (Ohio), 10 AMC Thoroughbred Nashville

In the meantime, some clap here for Universal, which continues to watch its DreamWorks Animation Croods: A New Age stay afloat at the weekend box office, even though it runs on PVOD It just shows that families in parts of the nation Theaters where theaters are open prefer to go to the cinemas to distract themselves The feature is 2% on weekend 10 in No. 2 place with $ 1 84 million and an ongoing domestic $ 439 million, with overseas shots over 100 million Take US $ 144 for US $ 144 4M WW In DEG’s latest year-end report, Universal estimated that the 18 films that were shown on PVOD in the last 10 months would generate sales of more than US $ 500 million in 2020 Home Entertainment of $ 30 billion, 21% as of 2019

Comscore shows as of this morning that the weekend box office is earning $ 131M, 52% from last weekend but 84% from the same weekend in 2020 The first month of 2021 grossed just $ 705 million at the domestic Box office, 92% less than $ 9066M that 2020 triggered prepandemic yikes

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