Saturday 14 November 2020

Sankaran Shanmujam (right) and wife Hampika Nair (left) with their two-year-old daughter at the Deepavali celebration last year

PETALING JAYA: With the epidemic continuing to spread and people not being able to return to their hometowns, the festive atmosphere was not quite there for Deepavali this year

However, many families try to revitalize the atmosphere a little for their little ones.

Sankaran Shanmugam and his wife Hamphika Nair said they would celebrate quietly with close family members.

“Personally, there isn’t a lot of excitement but we have a little daughter, so we’re trying our best to get that excitement for her.

“We don’t want it to affect our daughter,” Umniah’s 35-year-old managing director said.

Hampheka, 33, agreed that they just want their daughter to experience some form of celebration at least in light of conditional MCO enforcement

The lawyer said they decided to have festive decorations in addition to a “kolam” in the house.

“I know a lot of people are worried about what is going to happen, but we don’t want to drown our daughter in this kind of anxiety,” Hampheka said.

Likewise, 44-year-old Vikenesh Krishnan will also have Deepavali chill with the family, with partying mainly in favor of his four-year-old son

“We will stay at my parents’ house in Klang, not far from my house. It is actually more for him to see the celebrations and be with his cousins ​​

“I really look forward to a more relaxed environment where we usually go to Kuala Kangsar to visit relatives” said the assistant director of the dialysis center “It’s usually very crowded and hectic

Other families have also decided to celebrate Deepavali in a low-key way, like that of 41-year-old Indian national Chinmay Sharma

A manager of a multinational company here said they were not sure if they would go to the temple on Deepavali’s day because they wanted to avoid large gatherings.

He said, “We will do all the religious rites and decorate the house, but it will not be a big celebration.”

Another person who celebrates Deepavali in a simple way is Insurance CEO Paraty Krishnan, 42, who said that this will be the first time in her life that she will not return to Kelantan to celebrate Deepavali with her relatives’ family

The 42-year-old said that being in Ipoh with her seven-year-old son, while her 10-year-old daughter was with her parents in Kelantan, was difficult.

“I’m really sad that I can’t party with them. I can’t imagine what it would be like

Usually on the first day we celebrate at home and then on the second day our entire extended family will wear identical shirts and travel somewhere like Langkawi, Pancor or Berhentian

Meanwhile, Narinasamy Sivasamy, 56, felt that this year’s Deepavali celebrations were “not going to be very happy” as there were many people who had lost their jobs and were struggling

“It will be a very mild celebration on the one hand. There are people who are suffering On the other hand, you have an enjoyable experience and the HR manager at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur said “This is not very nice”

Narainasamy said they would have morning prayer and only take food for the family in Deepavali

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