Posted: 09:11 GMT, 4 March 2021 | Updated: 09:57 GMT, Jan. March 2021

The army husband of a high profile news anchor was accused of raping a drunk woman more than two years ago

Mark Cameron, who has been married to Davina Smith, a reporter for Nine News since 2010, was charged with rape last November

The 43-year-old is supposed to meet the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, in the early hours of the 2 Attacked December 2018 in Sutherland in southern Sydney

Police claim the incident happened just a suburb of Cameron’s home in Cronulla, which he shares with Ms. Smith, who is pregnant with their second child, and their four year old daughter Rose

“This is a serious sexual assault complaint against a drunk victim,” police claim in court documents, according to the Daily Telegraph

‘The prosecution of this matter is extremely grave in that the accused has allowed the offense that was recorded under the warrant approved’

Cameron stood in Sutherland County Court Thursday to change his bail so he doesn’t have to report to the police weekly

The court heard that the reporting requirements interfered with family responsibilities while Ms. Smith was at work

His own father’s lawyer argued that he had not contacted the alleged victim for two years, despite having been given bail in November 2020

“There is no evidence that there is a fear for the victim’s safety that cannot be mitigated by reasonable bail conditions,” police said in court documents

Cameron (pictured with his daughter) stood before Sutherland District Court on Thursday to change his detention conditions

Davina Smith and Mark Cameron (picture) were separated last year due to the coronavirus

Sergeant McGee, District Attorney for NSW Police, denied the request for bail and Magistrate Joy Boulos denied it, saying it was “an extremely grave charge”

Cameron’s position in the Australian Army was mentioned in court, but the publication reported that Ms. Smith referred to his deployment in Afghanistan on social media posts

Last year, Ms. Smith wrote in a social media post about how she and her daughter were separated from Cameron, who was stationed with the Army in Queensland, due to coronavirus border closings

“We are not strangers to distance and separation, but this is unlike any assignment or work trip we face,” wrote Ms. Smith

‘Normal life as a military family is tough, life as a MWDU – member with dependent escorts – is more difficult’

Davina Smith

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