Posted: 13:00 GMT, 22 November 2020 | Updated: 13:14 GMT, Nov. November 2020

Each of the five teams on The Block made a decent profit in the finals episode on Sunday

The CEO and General Manager of DWS bought three properties for nearly $ 12 million after placing very generous bids on all five houses

Meet Danny Wallis: The Melbourne IT entrepreneur (pictured) who lost nearly $ 12 million for THREE properties in the 2020 Block final

Danny bought Sarah and George’s property for 4000$ 002 and Daniel and Jades for $ 38 million and Harry and Tash for $ 4 million

After Jimmy and Tam were crowned winners and an incredible 966 winHaving raised $ 000, host Scott Cam introduced Danny to the group

‘It’s the Danny Wallis Show!’ Announced Scott, referring to the huge amount of cash the wealthy businessman had dropped in just one day

‘All the houses are great, even the ones I didn’t buy,’ Danny said playfully to the group

Very generous bidder! Danny bought the property from Sarah and George (pictured far left) for 4000$ 002 plus that of Daniel and Jade (pictured far right) for $ 38 million and Harry and Tash’s (center) for $ 4 million

He later admitted in one piece in front of the camera that it was “a busy day” and an “expensive day”

Danny certainly has the money to splash around The ASX (stock exchange) reported in February that its company DWS recorded a sales increase of one percent to 83 million US dollars in the half-year to December 2019

One of his purchases is for a good cause, with NewscomAu reporting that Danny plans to donate Daniel and Jade’s house to the My Room Children’s Cancer Charity

Daniel and Jade announced in a promotional video for the show earlier this year that part of the reason they signed up was to support their daughter, Isla

The real star? “It’s the Danny Wallis Show!” Host Scott Cam (pictured) announced, referring to the enormous amount of cash the wealthy businessman dropped in just one day

He has the money to splash around: Danny, CEO and managing director of the IT service management company DWS, has also placed generous bids for all five houses

“For us, The Block is massive because we have a daughter who has a chromosomal disorder – she is one in eight in the world who has the disorder,” explained Jade

Danny is a familiar face at The Block auctions, even last year when he not only bid on all five properties, but bought Mitch and Marks for $ 3374 million

Familiar Face: Danny is a familiar face at The Block auctions, including last year when he not only bid on all five properties but also bought Mitch and Marks (both pictured) for $ 3374 million

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