Documents have revealed that Dannii Minogue’s successful attempt to quarantine in a private home rather than a hotel provoked a backlash

The Masked Singer judge was allowed to quarantine in a private home after returning to the country from California This unsurprisingly provoked anger was directed against the Queensland Prime Minister’s office of returning Australian colleagues who were forced to pay for hotel quarantine

The correspondence also emphasized that the Queensland government’s decision created confusion among police officers to enforce the strict quarantine rules

The exception procedure for 14-day quarantine at home instead of a hotel was announced back in July when Minogue and her young son Ethan were allowed to be quarantined at home on the Gold Coast

More than 460 pages of documents have been made available to the Brisbane Times under the Right to Information that provide insight into the approval process for the star’s request

They show that in late June, Queensland Health was approached by an “independent third party” asking for permission to manage Minogue’s quarantine in a private home

Jeannette Young, Queensland’s chief health officer, said other people in the film and television industries were also allowed to avoid mandatory hotel quarantine at the time if they had a suitable alternative location

Minogue’s first home quarantine application was made on Jan. Addressed to Queensland Health on June 3, details of the third party’s proposal were redacted in the documents July, a senior medical advisor at Queensland Health recommended Dr Young Approves Minogue Exemption “As Proof-of-Concept Agreement For Private International Quarantine”

The advisor’s email to Dr Young stated that the proposal would “facilitate the entry of key people traveling internationally for the entertainment, film and sports industries, particularly the film and entertainment industries on the Gold Coast”

“There is potential to help restore a significant industry in Queensland,” said the email, citing the successful transfer of AFL teams from Melbourne to Queensland

Minogue wasn’t the only celebrity given the wiggle room when Hollywood King Tom Hanks got to stay in a select hotel instead of a specific one when he arrived on the Gold Coast in September

After the news of Minogue’s special treatment, a backlash against Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk was inevitable

“Why are everyone else rejected and a famous and / or wealthy Australian allowed to be at home?” One person wrote to the premier

“This morning the Minister of Health confirmed in the media that Ms. Danielle Minogue had been granted a” special exemption “from hotel quarantine and that she is currently in self-quarantine on the Gold Coast,” the email read. p>

“The attached document contains QPS records of Ms. Minogue’s transit through Brisbane Airport on Nov. July 2020, however the Sierra Linnet Task Force was not given any details on the “special exemption”

“This responsibility traditionally rests with the Sierra Linnet Task Force, where people in the community are in self-quarantine However, we are currently not aware of the agreements between Q-Health and Ms. Minogue ”

A member of the Chief Health Officer’s office replied two days later and forwarded an email with the following details: “Ms. Minogue’s quarantine is being managed by (edited) according to a detailed health and safety plan, including 24/7 onsite private security keeping an activity log that will be made available to the Public Health Department (Gold Coast) Due to the confidentiality of this plan, it will not be disclosed at this time, ”the employee wrote

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