Boom Lions Lions recruit Joe Daniher has been reported with a bad elbow at the gabba for a strike against Dane Rampe, co-captain of Sydney Swans

Daniher hit the wing in the middle of the opening quarter and received a free kick because Rampe had held

However, the free kick was then reversed and Daniher was reported after the former bomber threw an elbow on ramp and hit him in the face

Alastair Lynch, three-time Lions Premier League striker, analyzed the incident at the border while reporting on Fox Footy

“It didn’t look too good live and I think we all understand that once you hit the head you get into quite a bit of an argument,” Lynch said

“But we can compare it to the incident that happened Thursday night with David Astbury. In this incident on Lachie Plowman David Astbury was reported and fined

“And I think, seen live, Daniher’s contact wasn’t that serious I think he’s probably lucky that Dane Rampe’s head was so close to his arm It became more of a bump

“So if I were to consider the Thursday night incident as a precursor, I’d consider a fine at best I don’t think he has a chance of being suspended with this one”

Astbury was included on the report but was only fined $ 2,000 for hitting Plowman with an elbow after Match Review Officer Michael Christian classified the strike as negligent, low-impact, and high-contact / p>

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