The report notes that nobody was responsible for using private security, but Premier regrets that he did not use police

Daniel Andrews apologized for errors in Victoria’s hotel quarantine program and blamed the lack of time when the program was launched in March for the errors and lack of control that led to Victoria’s second wave of Covid-19 cases / p>
The hotel quarantine investigation’s final report released on Monday found that due to the speed at which the program had to be set up, proper risk assessments were not being conducted, paving the way for hotel infection control errors

Andrews apologized for the errors and said the work was ongoing to ensure it was not repeated

“I would like to apologize to the Victorian Community for the very blatant mistakes made in this program,” he said

“I think the way the program was created … had to be done quickly

The final report of the investigation, chaired by retired Judge Jennifer Coate, was more than 500 pages in two volumes

The hotel quarantine program ended after a national cabinet meeting on Jan. Announced March and implemented within 36 hours

The report aimed to ensure that prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, the federal and Victorian governments did not have a current pandemic plan, including quarantine, which meant officials had to race to put one together from scratch. p>

“This was an extremely unsatisfactory situation from which such a complex and risky program could be developed,” it said

It turned out that in the end no one made the decision to use private security in the hotel quarantine. Coate called it an orphan, “without any person or department taking responsibility”

“Ultimately, the evidence failed to show that any person chose to include private security in the program,” the report reads

Private security personnel were among the first to be infected by the outbreaks, including a security guard who contagiously worked as a delivery driver

The report found that then Police Commissioner Graham Ashton preferred the use of private security and sparked the chain of events that followed

It was found that on Jan. March no consideration was given to the respective advantages of using private security, police or Australian defense personnel in the hotels

Andrews said if he could go back in time, he would have been on Jan. March ensured that Victoria Police were used in place of private security

Coate noted that Andrews and former Health Secretary Jenny Mikakos had played no role in the decision to use private security, and while Police Secretary Lisa Neville was aware of the proposal, the report found that she was not responsible Labor Minister Martin Pakula “does not appear to have been informed” until private security has been claimed

“Enforcement of the quarantine was a critical element of the program that Prime Minister Victoria had committed to adopt, but neither he nor his ministers had an active role in deciding how to achieve this enforcement or in overseeing it ”

Coate said the public was likely shocked because no reasons were given at the time of private security use or approval by higher levels of government, including the ministry, “The people of Victoria should understand with clarity how to become such The decision was made to spend millions of dollars in public money, “the report said.” People should be able to convince themselves that the measures to be taken in this way were viewed as one that could offer the benefits of Risks and options that are available for making such a decision

“There was no evidence that such a contemplated process would take place on either Sept. March 2020 or in the following days and weeks until the outbreaks occurred ”

“None of these workers went to work to contract Covid-19, but systemic government failures created problems”

The report found that the role of security guards was “poorly defined” and the insecurity of work in the industry meant security guards were not the right workforce for hotel quarantine

“A fully paid, highly structured workforce with a strong industrial focus on occupational safety like the Victoria Police Department would have been a more appropriate cohort that would have minimized the risk of outbreaks and facilitated contact tracing after an outbreak,” the report said

The Covid-19 outbreaks at two quarantine hotels – the Rydges on Swanston (now known as the Park Hotel) and the Stamford Plaza – have been in for more than 20000 cases of Covid-19 and more than 800 deaths responsible

The cause of the Rydges breakout was likely due to poor cleaning practices and poor use of personal protective equipment by security guards, according to the report It was insane not to find out how the Stamford breakout took place

In the course of the investigation, a minister and two senior officials linked to the program resigned

Mikakos resigned from the Ministry and Parliament after Andrews said in his statement he considered them responsible for the program. Head of Prime Minister and Cabinet Department Chris Eccles resigned after it became known that he was Ashton at a crucial point on Jan. March called, which he did not recall in previous evidence. Department of Health and Human Services chief Kym Peake also resigned before the final report was released to “pursue other opportunities”

The final report contains 12 recommendations in addition to the 69 recommendations in the interim report, including updating the pandemic plan for Victoria and examining the potential for mandatory testing for returned travelers in hotel quarantine

The interim report published in November set out proposals for changes to the management of hotel quarantine for returning travelers, a large part of which were included in the program that was restarted in early December

“On Friday there will be people missing at the Christmas table and I am very sorry and sad, but I make a commitment not only to apologize, but … also … to make sure we do all we can to help with these lessons to learn and make sure that these kinds of mistakes, these kinds of mistakes can never be repeated ”

Dan Andrews

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