Daniel Andrews has apologized for the failure of the state’s first hotel quarantine program, saying that people will be “missing from the Christmas table” due to the catastrophic plan on Friday

The Victorian Prime Minister spoke publicly about the results of the report since it was released on Monday morning and offered his condolences and condolences to all affected by the second wave of the deadly coronavirus – triggered by hotel quarantine

“I would like to apologize to the Victorian community for the very clear mistakes made in this program I think the way the program was created needed to be done quickly,” Andrews told reporters on Monday

“To those who lost a loved one in the first wave and those who lost a loved one in the second wave, we can only offer our support, our sincere apologies and our sorrow over their loss

“This is going to be an incredibly difficult week. On Friday … people will be missing from the Christmas table and I am very sorry and sad

“But my obligation is not only to apologize, but also to offer my obligation to ensure that we do everything we can to learn these lessons and to ensure that these types of mistakes, these types of mistakes, can never be repeated again “”

Mr Andrews said if he could “turn back the clock” he would “get daily reports of what was happening in the hotel quarantine”

“If we could have a system of oversight that, in my opinion, was the best in the country then, as we do now, then of course we would implement these steps,” he said

“But none of us have the ability to change history. We can just learn these lessons and make sure the reforms and changes necessary are made to reduce the likelihood that these types of mistakes will ever happen again” ”

The fatally flawed hotel quarantine program sparked Victoria’s second wave that spanned more than 18Infected 000 people, killed 801 and put the state in a tough lockdown

Mr Andrews said the government is working to correct all recommendations of the investigation in the Reset Hotel Quarantine Program

But opposition leader Michael O’Brien urged Mr. Andrews to resign over the damned results and called on a royal commission to “uncover the truth that the Coate inquiry could not find”

“Every Victorian has paid a shocking price for this Labor government’s catastrophic hotel quarantine failures,” he said

“801 people paid with their lives But today there are no answers There is no responsibility Nobody takes responsibility

“Daniel Andrews failed the Victorians and refuses to accept responsibility for the greatest public order failure in the history of our state” ”


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