And we’re back! It’s finally time for the highly anticipated Married At First Sight Grand Reunion, and boy, oh boy, did our favorite Australian reality stars bring up the drama this time?

The first part of Channel Nine’s two-part special aired tonight, bringing the former couples from previous seasons back to another dinner party that was – you guessed it – filled with – you guessed it – drama!

Returning cast members include new parents Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant, Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli, Dean Wells and Tracey Jewel, Ashley Irvin and Troy Delmege, Jessika Power, Ines Basic, Mike Gunner, Elizabeth Sobinoff and ‘Cyclone’ Cyrell Paule

In the words of a Twitter user before the episode: “It goes right below”

Below we round up all of the drama that played out – and, as always, the best, funniest, and most accurate reactions from those who play along at home

Unsurprisingly, the cast wasn’t pleased to hear that season five candidate Nasser Sultan would be attending the dinner party

When asked by producers prior to the event’s arrival, each ex-newlyweds said that the outspoken “social commentator” was the last person they hoped would show up

“He burned down many bridges,” said MAFS expert Mel Schilling upon arrival “It shows that social media plays a big role in their lives,” adds his expert John Aiken

“I say what I feel,” Nasser later tells the producers, “I make funny comments about them all the time, yes, that’s what people want humor”

When confronted by the group at the table, Nasser refuses to apologize for the lies he has spread to the media in the years following his appearance on the show (including those at the table that he has never told before had previously met

And a big YES to Michael, who rightly made the former reality star aware of how his hurtful – and often untrue – words can harm a person’s sanity

The two TV brides, who repeatedly assaulted each other in season six of MAFS, were beaten again, this time for their consistent brawl over social media after their respective time on the show

Cyrell’s anger stems from Jess’ alleged words in the media suggesting that she and her partner, Eden Dally of Love Island, would continue their relationship for the sake of publicity

“I don’t want my son to grow up thinking I didn’t want him in my life,” a tearful Cyrell tells the camera

Cyrell gets up from her seat at the end of the table and calls Jess’ name several times before clapping her on the shoulder and saying, “I just want to confront you with things you said”

“I’m not going to have a conversation with you because you’re hostile and angry,” says a surprisingly calm Jess

Basically, the two continue arguing across the table before Jess yells “this is mature,” which leads to Cyrell demonstrating what is arguably the most immature behavior of the night – by tossing her white wine in Jess’s face

CYRELL! You just asked Nasser to apologize for the things he said about you in the media, but when Jess asks to have a quiet conversation about the things she said, aren’t you ready?

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