Victoria did not record any new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 overnight, but one of the eight cases already detected is in the regional town of Leongatha in South Gippsland, the state’s chief testing officer has confirmed

Three other people in the hotel quarantine were diagnosed with the virus on the last day, said test commander Jeroen Weimar

Friday’s daily COVID-19 update from the Health Department will formalize the five cases announced on Thursday, but no new cases have been discovered since then The eight cases have been registered in Victoria since Wednesday

About 200 people are now isolated because they are associated with positive cases or their close contacts. Authorities use a “third ring” approach in which positive cases, their close contacts, and those people’s contacts are encouraged to be isolated

The first three cases of the Victorian outbreak are all related to a broadcast event that is likely to occur on Jan. December performed at the Thai restaurant Smile Buffalo in Black Rock

The government suspects a traveler from Sydney was the likely source of the infection The person was tested Thursday All five after the first three announced cases are all linked to the first cases

Victorian Health Secretary Martin Foley said genome tests are underway to confirm the source of the Victorian outbreak

Authorities suspect that a Victorian who returned from NSW before the border restrictions were put in place last month may have brought the virus home

Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley (left) and test commander Jeroen Weimar speak to the media on FridayCredit: Chris Hopkins

“The NSW connection is still our main line of investigation for this outbreak,” said Foley

“We anticipate that genome tests will be performed shortly and will help us confirm the lines of study for our investigation”

COVID-19 virus fragments were taken in a wastewater sample from Lakes Entrance, about 300 km east of Melbourne

The Victorian Health Department said the tracks were discovered Tuesday and anyone in the entrance to the lakes with symptoms should be tested for COVID-19

Mr Weimar said three main lines of investigation were examined in the search for patient zero in Victoria’s coronavirus cluster

The first person to be examined has already given a negative result which they may not rule out as it has now been more than 10 days since a number of diners at the Black Rock Thai restaurant suspected that Having discovered virus

Serology tests, which screen people’s blood for coronavirus immunity, could help provide answers, and Health Secretary Martin Foley previously said that genomic tests were also done

Meanwhile, Mr Weimar said two more people were being screened to bring the virus from NSW and he provided limited information about them

“We know you were in Sydney at least 24 hours ago a few weeks ago. They traveled back for these people to have testing done and we’re doing genomic and other testing,” he said

The Victorian health authorities have now identified 170 close contacts with the eight people who tested positive for coronavirus in the suburbs of Mitcham, Mentone and Hallam in Melbourne and in Leongatha in South Gippsland

These close contacts will be instructed to isolate for 14 days, and their close contacts will also be contacted and asked to isolate and undergo testing

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