New venues visited by confirmed cases of COVID-19 include Bankstown Sports Club, Bass Hill Plaza, Priceline in Liverpool and Bankstown, and a pharmacy in Katoomba

Anyone who has visited one of the following venues at the specified times is considered a close contact and must be tested immediately and isolated for 14 days regardless of the result:

Anyone who has been to any of the following venues during the times indicated is considered a casual contact and must be tested and isolated immediately until a negative result is received:

Anyone who has visited any of the following locations during the specified times should monitor symptoms, get tested immediately, and isolate if they occur:

There are more than 350 COVID-19 test sites across NSW, many of which are open seven days a week To find the closest clinic, visit: https: // wwwnswRegierungau / covid-19 / wie Sie sich und Protect others / clinics or contact your GP

Further suburbs of Sydney were declared hotspots by the incumbent NT Prime Minister Nicole Manison today

On the advice of NT’s Chief Health Officer and the AHPPC, the Northern Territory added: Croydon, Croydon Park, Lilli Pilli, Strathfield, Strathfield North, Strathfield South and Sutherland on the northern beaches as hotspot areas of Sydney

Everyone in the NT who has visited these suburbs must self-isolate and be tested, and from midnight onwards, everyone who has been to one of the hotspot suburbs must be placed in a supervised 14-day quarantine in Howard Springs or Alice Springs

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are now predicting the U.S. by Aug. January 2012, when President Donald Trump leaves office, 400000 deaths from coronavirus will be recorded

Anti-lockdown protests like this one in Rancho Cucamonga, California, gripped the US earlier this year Credit: AP

The country turned 100 in May000 deaths recorded, four months later 200000, three months later 300000 and 400000 can be reached in just one month, CDC models estimate

The US has one of the highest death rates among the nations hardest hit by the virus, behind only Italy, Spain and the UK in terms of population

An RSL club in Sydney’s inner west says a patron visited the top of the club at 8 a.m.Monday, Jan. December, 5 p.m. and left the club at 11 a.m. 3 p.m. has since tested positive for COVID-19

Anyone who was in the upper area of ​​the EBP RSL Club during this time should be tested immediately. The sports club will remain open

The UK health service is under “unprecedented pressure,” officials said as the country ranks over 53000 cases reported, another record high

A total of 272551 people have tested positive for the virus in the past seven days, 227 percent from the previous week

The number of patients in the hospital in England now exceeds the number at the height of the UK’s first peak in April

On Wednesday morning (AEDT), 53135 more infections registered Infections have risen due to a variant of COVID-19 that has emerged in the south-east of England and is more transmissible than previous versions of the previously circulating virus

Britain is fighting to get vaccines in place before the National Health Service is overwhelmed Paramedics report queues of ambulances outside of hospitals

Australian Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly said Australia’s vaccination plans are “on track” even though rollout has not yet started

Professor Paul Kelly, Chief Medical Officer, at Astra Zeneca laboratories in Macquarie Park The government has signed an agreement to manufacture Oxford University’s coronavirus vaccine Photo credit: Nick Moir

Professor Kelly said other countries went through emergency vaccine approval while Australia learned from overseas and did not have an emergency approval process in its health regulations

“There are no approvals yet, no full approvals around the world for a COVID vaccine,” said Professor Kelly. “The emergency clearance or similar mechanisms that are going on in some parts of the world are just what you are for Emergency determined “

“In relation to the vaccination card or immunity card idea, this is certainly something that we are looking at very, very carefully and closely,” said Professor Kelly

A Louisiana Republican recently elected to Congress died of complications from Covid-19 before he could take his seat in government December tested positive

Luke Letlow was due to take office on Sunday but was hospitalized with Covid-19 earlier this month

The executive director of the state’s Republican Party said on Jan. December that Mr. Letlow was in “stable condition” He had been given the antiviral drug remdesivir and steroids to treat his infection

Queensland has two new coronavirus cases, but both are returned overseas travelers who tested positive in hotel quarantine

There are 11 active cases, and the state’s testing rates have also increased 4918 tests were conducted on Tuesday after a four-day break-in

Incoming passengers will be screened by the police when they arrive at the Brisbane Airport Domestic Terminal on Monday
Photo credit: Dan Peled

Fewer than 2,500 tests were completed on Monday, a little more than 3,000 on Sunday, and fewer than 2,000 on Boxing Day

Christmas Eve was the last time the state exceeded 4500 tests in a 24 hour period when 5205 tests were performed

On Tuesday, Australia recorded its first case of the contagious South African variant of the coronavirus after a returned overseas traveler tested positive in hotel quarantine in Queensland

Health Secretary Yvette D’Ath announced Tuesday that COVID-19 fragments were discovered in Greater Brisbane wastewater facilities at Victoria Point, Oxley Creek, Goodna, Fairfield and Redcliffe during wastewater testing

Recent places to visit by people who tested positive for COVID-19 include the Santa Claus Photo Booth in Westfield Burwood, Punchbowl Officeworks, Myer, and the Coffee Club in Shellharbour’s The Times When People Two Greek Orthodox churches visited in Wollongong were also updated

Anyone who has been to any of the following venues during the times indicated is considered an occasional contact that must be tested and isolated immediately until a negative result is received:

Anyone who has visited any of the following locations during the specified times should monitor symptoms and test and isolate immediately if they occur:

New Council for the Greek Orthodox Church of St Nektarios, 39 Atchison Street, Wollongong, reads: Anyone who visits on Sunday the 27th December, between 9 and 10 a.m., 3 p.m. is a close contact and must be tested and isolated for 14 days regardless of the result

New advice for the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Cross, 18 Stewart St, Wollongong, is that anyone who visits on Sunday the 27th December, between 10 Presented December 30th and 11th is an occasional contact that needs to be tested and isolated until a negative result is received

There are more than 350 COVID-19 test sites across NSW, many of which are open seven days a week. To find the closest clinic visit, visit

Croydon’s shopping street is now busy with people who are out and about getting a bite to eat or a coffee

Christmas decorations line the main street and despite six new cases of COVID-19 in the suburbs, residents aren’t too worried

Janet McFarlane and Greg Burns in Croydon, the youngest suburb to open after six reported cases on Jan. December 2020 was classified as a coronavirus hotspot Photo credit: Rhett Wyman / SMH

Janet McFarlane and Greg Burns say recent cases warn them to be cautious, but they are “reasonable” by putting on face masks

The couple is over 60 years old and Ms. McFarlane has two autoimmune diseases â € œIf the cluster grows here, we wonâ € ™ t come here? Ms. McFarlane said

â ???? We had planned weeks ago to stay home for New Years tomorrow nighta ???? The couple will be watching the fireworks on TV in the New Year while enjoying seafood

Likewise, Mark Issa said the new cases are a reminder of caution, adding that health officials made the right decision by telling people to stay home to see the New Year instead of the one To be city

Croydon Park

World News – AU – Coronavirus Updates LIVE: NSW registers 18 local cases, six of them related to the new Croydon cluster due to restrictions on collecting before New Years were tightened ???? s Eva