Gladys Berejiklian and Dr Kerry Chant spoke to the media at 11 a.m. (AEDT) Watch the repetition below:

Authorities urge Sydneysiders to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks from home this year This useful Q&A answers your questions about the restrictions

And here is a recap of the venues and public transportation NSW Health spent last night including a David Jones City Store, Coles Supermarket in Edgecliff, Bondi Beach Woolworths, Uniqlo in Pitt Street Mall, several Buses around Bondi and trains on the North Shore Line

Anyone who has visited any of the following locations during the times indicated is considered an occasional contact and should monitor symptoms If they occur, get tested immediately and isolate until negative:

Anyone who has used any of the following transportation routes is considered an occasional contact and should monitor symptoms If they occur, get tested immediately and isolate until negative:

Route 333 Monday, April 21 December, 7:30 a.m.-7:45 p.m., from Bondi Junction Station to Bondi Beach, Campbell Parade, Stand C.

Route 333 Tuesday, March 22nd December, 945-10am from Bondi Beach, Campbell Parade, Stand A to Bondi Junction Station

Route 333 Wednesday 23 December 9-10am from Bondi Beach, Campbell Parade, Stand A to Taylor Square, Oxford Street, Stand A.

Route 333 Wednesday 23 December 1040-11: 30 from Taylor Square, Oxford Street, Stand D to Bondi Beach, Campbell Parade, Stand C.

There are more than 350 COVID-19 test sites across NSW, many of which are open seven days a week.Find the closest clinic here or contact your GP

Fences preventing people from entering parts of the Sydney foreshore have been placed across the city to prevent crowds from gathering to see New Year’s Eve fireworks

Milsons Point and Kirribilli, areas where people would normally see the New Years Eve fireworks display due to the Avalon coronavirus cluster, the area will be closed to the public 29 December 2020 Photo credit: Dominic Lorrimer

NSW government shutdown signs are on Tuesday, Nov. December 2020, seen at Milsons Point in SydneyCredit: Sam Mooy

Medical workers wearing protective clothing return to their ambulance after taking a suspected coronavirus patient to a hospital in Kommunarka, outside Moscow, Russia Credit: AP

State statistics agency Rosstat said the total number of deaths from all reasons between January and November was around 229 compared to last year700 rose, reports The Guardian

“More than 81 percent of this increase in mortality during this period is due to COVID,” said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, which is a figure of more than 186000 Russians would equal

Only America with more than 330000 deaths from coronavirus and Brazil (191000 deaths) has so far recorded more than Russia

Russia started its vaccination program earlier this month and became the first country in the world to approve a coronavirus vaccine, the Russian-made vaccine, called Sputnik V, showed promising results, but medical journals criticized it for a short period of clinical testing / p>
News of planned New Years Eve parties and lack of respect for COVID-19 restrictions in Los Angeles raises serious concerns as the region faces a record number of new cases and an overburdened hospital system

Medical tents for vaccinations outside of Los Angeles Children’s Hospital The entire state was kept strictly home and hospitals were flooded with the largest number of cases since the pandemic began. Photo credit: AP Photo / Damian Dovarganes

The LA Times reports that recent cases have been “pushing hospitals to the breaking point” and intensive care beds are “dangerously scarce”

In 23 of California’s 58 counties, current ICU capacity is 0 percent000 new cases reported and 88 deaths per day recorded for the past week Los Angeles County recorded more than 42 on Christmas Day and Saturday combined000 new coronavirus cases registered

Despite the LA COVID-19 crisis, shopping malls have been caught and fined for letting customers eat on-site, being overcrowded and not forcing social distancing, fines are only $ 500, and some places have been multiple fined

Beverly Hills Restaurant La Scala was caught trying to host a New Year’s Eve party and a note was recently put in guest pockets that read in part, “Welcome back to the 20’s” Ban We are currently taking New Year’s dinner reservations contrary to Inside please keep this discreet, but tell all of your friendsâ ????

A leading Australian epidemiologist shared her top tips on how to celebrate New Years Eve safely and encouraged people to party outside and not step outside the congregation

Professor Catherine Bennett, Chair of Epidemiology at Deakin University, said people need to “carefully consider” who to invite into their homes and look for ways to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission >

In all of Victoria, residents are currently allowed to bring a maximum of 30 visitors into their homes per day, which applies to New Year’s Eve

Greater Sydney has restrictions of up to 10 visitors, while indoor and outdoor gatherings are limited to a total of five visitors from that zone at the north end of the northern beaches

“Hopefully [the weather] will be fair enough in the evening that we can actually have outdoor parties I think that makes a big difference and reduces the risk”She told 3AW Breakfast on Tuesday

If you have 30 people in your home, you must have the space where people can keep a little distance from each other

â ???? Think about the way you serve food and drink, and make those things easier without using the same pair of tongs

“The most important thing for everyone is that you don’t go out if you have any symptoms”Don’t invite people over to your home. It’s just not worth it”

Professor Bennett said it was going to be “very tempting” If people were trying to limit the number of people they can have at home, this would not be such a card this year

???? There is still a real risk of community broadcasting [in NSW] … just like there is an increased risk in Australia due to the events in Sydney I think people are doing the right thing and bringing people into their home, to see it on TV This is important She said

â ???? But it will hopefully be a New Years Eve when people stop and think and realize that there is a risk of having more than the allowable number in your home and not doing it safely

â ???? Of all the things we want to leave behind in 2021, one is the virusâ ????

They had fled a damp, gloomy Great Britain to enjoy the fresh powder snow and clear blue skies of the best ski areas in Switzerland

But in the end British tourists discovered that it was very difficult to escape a global pandemic and instead found themselves in a frantic rush home

Hundreds of Britons who had chosen to take a festive break in Verbier decided to flee in a “cloak-and-dagger operation” after the new coronavirus strain, first discovered in the UK, prompted Swiss authorities to do so Hastily enforcing a retroactive 10-day quarantine

On 21 December the Swiss government announced that all arrivals from the UK since December 14th December must be isolated, which abruptly brings the vacation for around 420 people to a standstill. By Sunday less than a dozen stayed in the Alpine village

Instead of staying locked in their chalets, they decided to flee.While some decided to cross the border by train, others left in the middle of the night fearing hoteliers would report them to the British police who unrestricted, said they felt they had to speak in “muffled tones” on the go to avoid grilling

The Australian cricket team is allowed direct from Sydney to Queensland to play its test match at the Gabba in Brisbane, provided it adheres to the COVID bubble rules used for other sports codes

Australian cricket team is allowed direct from Sydney to Queensland to play their friendly match at the Gabba in Brisbane when the COVID bubble rules are applied Credit: Getty Images

Queensland chief health officer Jeannette Young said players and staff must go to hotel quarantine immediately when they arrive in the state and could only leave the hotel to train and play the game themselves

“We have had a number of conversations with Cricket Australia and they [the team] would need to make the same arrangements we have made for other sports codes when traveling from a hotspot,” she said

“I just made it clear what needs to happen if you play in Sydney and Sydney was still considered a hot spot at the time because of course that is not even safe” Dr Young said long talks with Cricket Australia on Monday, but the sports association has not yet presented its detailed plan to the Queensland Chief Health Officer

The third Test against India is slated to go to the Sydney Cricket Ground next and take place on Nov. January start However, the venue could be changed to Melbourne Cricket Ground where the second Test will be played

Tourist regions and outer suburbs will have the greatest success when the coronavirus supplement starts on Jan. January is cut by another 100 USD every two weeks

The cut in payment means the 2 million people who receive JobSeeker unemployment benefits, youth benefits, parental benefits, and other benefits will have to spend a total of $ 14 million less than two weeks less

Among the nearly 600000 people in NSW whose dietary supplements are being cut Bertin Huynh The 22-year-old lost his job as a swimming instructor due to the pandemic

“I eat two meals a day. Initially it was losing weight, but it has been shown to be financially beneficial”

According to data, Fairfield in western Sydney has the highest percentage of welfare recipients in NSW Mullumbimby, near Byron Bay, comes next with 142 percent of the population in West NSW, 141 percent of the people in Walgett / Lightning Ridge and 137 Percent of Bourke residents receive the payments

For a full list of the suburbs and cities that are the hardest here, see

Like most things in 2020, New Years Eve celebrations are going to look radically different from previous years

Authorities urge Sydneysiders to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks from home this year In the meantime, Melburnians have been told to stay away from the CBD in NYE unless they have a booking

How do you want to celebrate this year? Are you planning a meeting? Please send us your ideas and plans for the night

I hand it over to my colleague Nigel Gladstone Enjoy your afternoon and evening and thanks for reading

Australia has its first case of the contagious South African variant of the coronavirus after a returned overseas traveler tested positive in hotel quarantine in Queensland

Queensland Health Secretary Yvette D’Ath says there is no risk to the general public as there is evidence that protocol was followed in moving the woman from hotel quarantine to Sunshine Coast University Hospital / p>

“We can also report today that an overseas person was identified Arrived in Queensland on December 31st and tested positive for the new South African variant, “she said

“This will be the first positive case of the South African variant in Australia. We have seen other jurisdictions record a UK variant

“The positive news – the good news about this person – is that they were in hotel quarantine at the time of the test and have been hospitalized since then”

Ms. D’Ath also revealed that COVID-19 fragments were detected in five wastewater facilities in Brisbane during wastewater testing

“It’s not known whether the positive results were due to new cases, cases that are still developing, or old cases where individuals are still shedding,” she says

The queues for the ride through the COVID clinic seem to be quite short, the test numbers are close to 70000 across the state to just over 16 a few days ago000 that were reported today

Sam Mooy captured these pictures of people exercising around Sydney Harbor with restricted access on Thursday nights for New Years Eve celebrations

Not a bad vantage point for the fireworks, other than asking Sydneysiders to stay home and watch the TV. Photo credit: Sam Mooy

Meanwhile, James Brickwood is in Narrabeen on the bridge between the northern and southern zones of the northern beaches

He says there seems to be a fair amount of traffic and there are no police checkpoints to prevent people from entering or leaving the restricted northern zone

Narrabeen Lagoon Bridge on Ocean Street, the border between the northern and southern bubbles on the northern beaches Photo credit: James Brickwood

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