The only Jane and Ciara family member who spoke to media in court was Lee Rimmer, who said she felt “fantastic” about the conviction and that she could feel like “Jane already up there has celebrated “

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said when he spoke to family members and living victims after his 40-year term was up, they believed justice was serving

“It will never replace loved ones and change the lives of these living victims forever, but they believe that justice has been done today,” he said

Convicted killer Bradley Edwards now has 21 days to appeal his conviction, sentence, or both

Edwards’ camp is yet to state whether they will appeal Within hours of Justice Hall found him guilty of murdering Jane and Ciara in September, family members of the 52-year-old were already contacting attorneys

“[An appeal] is a mechanism open to Edwards, as is anyone found guilty,” he said

“We will continue to investigate the Sarah Spiers murder and this will continue and yes, that includes speaking to Mr. Edwards

“I’m not going to disclose the nature of our investigation, but I can assure the fellowship I have with the family that we will never stop”

“I think the community can convince themselves that this is the longest minimum sentence for a crime in the history of the Washington judiciary

“The fact that Edwards was sentenced to at least 40 years of life imprisonment is the longest ever and I think it reflects the gravity and gravity of the crimes”

WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson, flanked by macro detectives, speaks to the media after the conviction of Bradley EdwardsCredit: Peter de Kruijff

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson recently spoke to the media about the steps of the courthouse

“His Honor Justice Hall locked Bradley Edwards in prison for at least 40 years,” he said

“This means that Mr. Edwards will not be eligible for parole until he is 88 years old

“However, that doesn’t mean he will be paroled, just that he can apply for parole. Edwards is a murderer, a sadistic rapist who hunted innocent women

“He devastated families and tormented the WA community. Edwards Prison means the community is now safe from this horrific person

As a police superintendent, I don’t usually comment on the results of the court, but I’ll make an exception today

“It is my sincere hope, for the victims, for families and friends, and for the safety of our community, that Edwards will never be released from prison

“We must never forget the innocence that has been destroyed, the grief and devastation that parents, siblings and loved ones have experienced

“I would like to thank Carmel Barbagello and her team at the DPP once again for their unwavering pursuit of justice

“I also thank the 700+ individual police officers, analysts, and forensic experts who have worked on this series of crimes over a period of 30 years

“Along with the scientists and experts who helped collect this important evidence, we all owe you our thanks

“But we must never forget Sarah, Jane and Ciara. And for Sarah’s family, and I have just spoken again with Don Spiers, Sarah’s father, the search for justice for Sarah continues

“Sarah’s murder remains an open case and the WA police will never give up in order to bring Sarah Spier’s justice

“We must also never forget that the crimes that have changed the lives of these young women so terribly

“We are indebted to the victims who lived to tell their story and who courageously testified during the trial

“They are not just victims, they are survivors. And I commend their courage and perseverance throughout the process

“I sincerely hope WA never sees anything like this again, and I repeat that the WA community never wants Edwards to be released from prison”

Following the announcement that Edwards will likely spend the rest of his life in prison, the surviving victims and family members of Sarah, Jane and Ciara have hugged

He will be at least 88 years old and eligible for parole

The sentences are divided as follows, whereby the sentences must be delivered at the same time:

Justice Hall said the only difference between Edwards’ case and the other double killers was that his two murders were committed in separate incidents nine months apart

“After careful consideration, I have come to the following conclusion: There is no need to place an order in order for you to never be released I am satisfied there is a different result

Justice Hall said the minimum term would mark the time when Edwards would be considered for a clearance, which must be approved by the Attorney General

“There is a high chance that you will die in prison, but you committed these crimes when you were much younger,” he said

Justice Hall has called Edwards a “dangerous predator who tracked down vulnerable young women and attacked them for their own satisfaction”

He said he attacked his victims with “ruthless determination” and faces life imprisonment for their murders

Justice Hall now explains how to interpret the “never released” order under criminal law, and says it was a rare order for “only the worst” categories of murder

He rounds up other WA cases of people who have committed two murders.He said none of these offenders have been instructed never to be released from prison, despite all of them having long periods without parole of 27 years, 37 years ( the highest sentence imposed in WA without parole) and received 32 years

The only case in WA where Justice Hall issued a “drastic” order in 2019 that was never to be released related to Anthony Harvey, who murdered his entire family at their Bedford home

Justice Hall summarizes the victim impact statements received from Edwards’ two living victims, the mother of one of the living victims and Jane’s mother

He tells of the tribute the trial of Edwards’ two living victims took, which the women passed on earlier today when they took a stand and faced the killer

“There are no statements on the impact of the victims from Ms. Glennon’s family I understand this is a decision they made, “he said

“Loss and grief are personal and there is no obligation to share them in a public courtroom. After experiencing a lengthy criminal case, there must be an overwhelming desire to bring back your cherished memories of your child in a quiet and private place.” >

“Statements about the impact of victims are hardly necessary to understand how deeply affected they must be

“Neither parent wants their children to survive. To have your child in the prime of life and kill is every parent’s worst nightmare

“All of these effects are exacerbated by the long time that passed before the investigation was completed and the process was carried out

“Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon are no longer voices, but the effects on them are obvious They were both young women with family and friends they loved. They had good jobs and a lot to live in.

“By your actions you have stolen not only their lives but also their hopes, their dreams and the dreams of others for them”

Justice Hall has now moved on to his deliberations on the conviction of Edwards’ Huntingdale sex attack in 1988 He said the offense caused “terror” and was sexually motivated

Of the Karrakatta kidnapping and rape of a 17-year-old girl in 1995, he said the crime was planned, with Edwards wearing a knotted cord and hood to restrain his victim

“It is clear that your plan was to lie in wait for a vulnerable and likely drunk woman to come around,” he said

“You carried out your plan with ruthless efficiency and regardless of the terror you caused her

“You treated the victim with complete disregard for her well-being. You then threw her away by throwing her into bushes”

Of Jane’s death, Justice Hall said the 23-year-old was vulnerable to attack and killed Edwards on the night of Jan. June 1996 “attracted” to her

“You carried out your plan so carefully and efficiently that no one saw Ms. Rimmer get into your car,” he said

Justice Hall said he believed Edward’s intention was always to kill Ms. Rimmer, whose throat he cut in the Wellard Bushland, where her body was then thrown away and hidden

“Before disposing of Ms. Rimmer’s body, you removed all of her clothing, even though there was no post mortem evidence of sexual assault That possibility could not be ruled out, “he said, adding that the attack was sexually motivated

Following Ciara’s death, Justice Hall said Edwards was attracted to the 27-year-old attorney because she was born on Jan. March 1997 was vulnerable when she was walking alone down the Stirling Highway around midnight

“They refused to be deterred and killed her with a sharp instrument by inflicting one or more fatal injuries to her neck,” said Justice Hall

“You have tried to hide Ms. Glennon’s body by disposing of it in a semi-rural area. Your intention in doing so is that the body will not be found and no connection to you will be discovered.” p>

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