CJ McCollum reached a career high of nine three-point points and finished the race with 44 points to lead the Portland Trail Blazers to their first win of that season, there was a hard-fought 128- 126 win in extra time against the Houston Rockets

McCollum’s last three-pointer of the night ended the biggest when he fired and hit from the left wing, proving the game winner with 6 3 seconds of overtime

Portland’s Robert Covington stole James Harden’s pass on subsequent possession of the Rockets, and the Blazers (1-1) held the ball for the win

McCollum made 9 of 16 threes on the night, with four of the threes coming in the third quarter. In addition to his big scoring, McCollum also had eight assists Damian Lillard added 32 points and nine assists Jusuf Nurkic finished with 12 points, 11 rebounds and six assists

Harden reached McCollum’s 44 points and also had 17 assists for the Shorthanded Rockets (0-1) who had only nine players available. Christian Wood added 29 points and 13 rebounds

The Blazers made 19 out of 45 three-pointers (422%) and shot 461% overall. Although the missiles shot 51 1% from the field, they only hit 11 out of 35 threes (314%)

– Nurkic scores for the blazers for the first overtime hours At the other end, PJ Tucker hits corner three Then Nurkic scores again The Blazers lead it 117-116 with 3:50 left in OT Then Harden hits to Houston on 118-117 McCollum responds with a foul-line jumper that is good Portland rises between 119 and 118. After the missiles are empty, Lillard finds Derrick Jones Jr for the alley-oop dunk The blazers lead with three at 121-118 House’s shot is short and at the other end McCollum hits the baseline jumper Portland leads it 123-118 with 2:03 into overtime McCollum now has 41 points and eight assists Lillard has 30 points and seven assists Nurkic with 12 points, 10 rebounds and six assists For Houston, Harden has 38 points and 16 assists, while Christian Wood has 29 points and 13 rebounds, Wood scores inside to keep the Blazer at 123-120 To shorten The Blazers have it 1 minute in OT McCollum’s third corner won’t go The Rockets get it back Harden takes a step backwards three, and the game is tied at 123-123 with 38. Another 6 seconds timeout Portland Lillard drives and scores to the Blazer to bring to 125-123 The Rockets cross the courtyard with a 25 second lead in OT Harden hits another step backwards with 15 three seconds to go The rockets now lead 126-125 timeout Portlan d Now harden with 44 points The entrance to Lillard He goes to McCollum, who hits a three from the wing, and the blazers rise by 6 to 128-126 3 second timeout missiles McCollum brings Harden together with 44 points Now the missiles are back at The Entrance from House to Harden He tries to pass, but Covington steals and the game ends. The Blazers edge the Rockets 128-126 in overtime

– Tie at 113-113, and the Blazers have the ball with 38 9 seconds remaining McCollum comes to Nurkic, who for a three-pointer to Lillard His shot is over, but Tucker only has one foul on Nurkic So Nurkic with 32 seconds lead on the line The piece is checked for a Rockets challenge The call stands Nurkic misses both free throws The Blazers throw the ball away from Harden with 21 Another 4 seconds The call on the ground is Houston Ball but it seems to have gone from Harden too So the piece is still being examined Blazer Ball with 21 7 seconds left Lillard brings it to the ground He has Tucker with him He drives, but his baseline jumper is off, and the game is about to work overtime between 113 and 113

– Lillard hits two free throws after pulling a foul on his drive The Blazers run it 104-98 Less than 4 minutes left Harden drives and scores a layup Make it 104-100 Covington makes it on Nurkic’s pass Now Harden is fouled timeout Blazer, with 106-100 and 3:19 Harden hits a three. McCollum responds with his career-best eighth threesome of the game The Blazers lead 109-103 Then Jae’Sean Tate scores a layup to take the lead on 109-105 to shorten Lillard scores with 111-105 House is fouled on his drive into the alley House hits the first free throw and also the second Blazer lead it 111-107, as the clock goes under 2 minutes to play Christian Wood hits inside to get it to tie at 111-111 Lillard hits inside and the blazers rise again at 113-111 Harden scores inside and it’s 113-113 with 389 seconds to play timeout

– The missiles get two baskets in a row to pull within 92-91 Then they rise between 93 and 92 when Christian Wood scores Then Enes Kanter puts in Carmelo Anthony’s Miss and the blazers lead 94-93 to 6:30 in the game Harden hits a three and Houston leads 96-94 But McCollum responds with his seventh three of the game Harden runs and scores, and the Rockets run it 98-97 Now Lillard has fouled and the blazers keep possession McCollum finds Lillard Portland for three leads 100-98 Nurkic rebounds a missile error Lillard is fouled on his way to the basket Nurkic finds McCollum for an open dunk and the blazers rise between 102 and 98. Timeout Houston to play 4:44

– Enes Kanter makes two free throws and the blazers go back at 11:16 at 86-85 to play in the game McCollum pulls into the lane, sets them up and a He now has 29 points David Nwaba Dunks The Blazers lead it 88-87 Anthony hits a jumper Rodney Hood pulls an indictment Covington’s three are short A little later, a blazer theft causes a Covington to submerge from Anthony’s support.The blazers rise 92-87 and the rockets call for a time out of 9 : 10 to get into play

– James Harden is fouled on shooting a three and takes all three free throws Then CJ McCollum knocks down his fourth three of the quarter The Blazers lead 78-77 Now Harden is fouled and splits two free throws, leaving the game at 78-78 a tie McCollum drives and scores on a layup A missile error and then a McCollum error on a three David Nwaba scores to 80-80 Carmelo Anthony checks in 4:14 for Covington to go in the third House is fouled and both free throws to get the Rockets to the top at 82-80 The Rockets extend their lead with a free throw from Harden Then Tucker misses two free throws Anfernee Simons hits a three to tie the game at 83-83 A Derrick Jones Jr Free throw brings the blazers to 84-83. A little later, Lillard comes up short with a three-pointer. The third corner of the house is switched off. Less than a minute before the end of the quarter, the three of Simons won’t fall. Then Wood finishes it up not Lillard’s layup attempt will not fall either But at 24 Portland is no longer reachable 7 more seconds in the neighborhood Enes Kanter travels and the missiles get it back Houston turns on Anthony goes on to Covington, who travels with 05 on the clock The quarter ends and Houston leads it 85-84

– Lillard feeds McCollum a three-pointer. After Wood scores, McCollum hits another three and the Rockets’ lead has fallen to 74-71. McCollum goes to Nurkic and he is fouled on the drive. McCollum now has up to 19 points Nurkic hits 1 of 2 free throws McCollum again for three That’s three in the quarter And the blazers go up to 75-74 at 7:07 to land in the third Houston is taking a break

– After Christian Wood makes it, Houston leads 70-58. A little later, Harden fouls and makes both free throws McCollum’s three are short PJ Tucker’s three are not good Then Robert Covington hits a three for the Blazer, which is within 72 -61 pull Covington drives and he is fouled He hits both free throws Then a Derrick Jones Jr steal and dive makes it 72-65 Houston takes a break at 9:06 to go to the third

– James Harden had 17 points and 10 assists in the first half. Damian Lillard led the blazers with 21 points, while CJ McCollum had 13 points and four assists

– McCollum hits a three and the Rockets continue Blazers possession 59-47, and McCollum empties a sweater Hood tries to prosecute but is instead called for a blocking foul against House. He misses both free throws Lillard drives and leaves for the layup up and down the blazers cut it to individual digits at 59-51 Harden and Lillard trade free throws and it’s 61-53 Harden turns it over and Lillard immediately pushes a three-pointer to close the rocket guide on 61-56 cut Now Harden is fouled and takes both free throws Houston is up 63-56 and has 1:04 left in the second quarter. Harden hits a three and the Rockets lead back to 10 at 66-56 McCollum rolls Hardens three in a short sweater won’t go, but the missiles get second and third chances and Tate scores. The half ends and Houston leads it 68-58

– Jae’Sean Tate has scored seven points in a row for Houston, and the Rockets are leading by 45-32, 7 minutes from time Derrick Jones Jr fouled, and he makes 1 of 2 free throws After a rocket mistake, the blazers turn him around Harden lobs to Wood for the dunk. Then Anfernee Simons hits a three and the Rockets lead with 47-36 Jones fouls David Nwaba, who makes both free throws. Lillard checks Simons one and the Blazers have all their starters out there again. Now steal missiles and Nwaba dip Lillard falls into a three and Houston leads with 51-39 After a Harden Three, Lillard drives and hits and he’s fouled. He converts the three point game to wood Scores for Houston Then McCollum waves a sweater Houston leads 57-44 Nurkic’s layup won’t fall Then Tucker hits a jumper for a 59-44 lead with 3:15 to play in half

– David Nwaba from Houston falls into a layup A little later, Anfernee Simons drives the blazer and is fouled Simons makes 1 of 2 free throws to make it 33-28 for the missiles After a turnover in Houston, Enes Kanter scores a hit 33-30 Christian Wood makes two free throws after being fouled and the Rockets lead them at 35-30 early in the second quarter After Wood scores, the Blazers have exceeded sales Rockets lead it 37-30 Anthony soiled Wood, who takes the turn for free throws. He hits 1 of 2 After an empty possession in Portland, Tate layup and it’s 40-30 for the Rockets to play 8:16 in the second quarter

– CJ McCollum’s third corner brings the blazers back up at 22-20 Then PJ Tucker drives and hits to tie it at 22-22 James Harden hits a layup Carmelo Anthony misses a short sweater After Harden loses it Anthony pulls a three off the wing to give the Blazers a 25-24 lead Jae’Sean Tate hits a couple of free throws for Houston Then Enes hits Kanter for the Blazers On the next run, Kanter gets an offensive rebound, but then they will Blazer whistled for a shot clock injury Anthony put it on but didn’t pull an iron The blazers are between 27 and 26 House hits a three for the Rockets Gary Trent Jr misses a Drei Harden drive, Kanter challenges and Harden draws the foul with 2 5 seconds left in the quarter Harden hits both free throws The quarter ends and the missiles lead it 31-27

– Christian Wood’s jump shot rolls in and the blazer’s lead is 12-8 Nurkic’s hook is short this time McCollum’s shot is off Christian Wood makes it for Houston Nurkic keeps the blazer alive twice with offensive rebounds, but they can’t Capitalize A little later, Lillard hits on a backdoor layup, and then McCollum drives and is fouled. He makes 1 of 2 free throws and the Blazers lead it 15-10 with 5:14 to go in the first. Sterling Brown empties a three for the Missiles Jusuf Nurkic is fouled and makes 1 of 2 free throws Carmelo Anthony and Rodney Hood now check for Covington and Jones Brown pulls in for a layup Then Hood hits corner three Now hits House, and then Brown hits corner three to get the Rockets to give a 20:19 lead, with 3:59 in the first

– After CJ McCollum misses a three, James Harden drives and hits Then Jusuf Nurkic hits a three and Christian Wood hits a jumper Nurkic hooks Portland on the board to make the 4-2 in favor of Houston McCollum with a pass to Damian Lillard, and he hits a three in rhythm. The blazers do it 5-4 early. PJ Tucker looks for wood on the rag, but it’s a faulty lining. Lillard hits three more. Then the rockets turn it over so that the blazers have a chance for more Danuel House Jr Drives and scores Nurkic scores on the lane and leads with 10-6 Blazers Now Nurkic falls in a turnaround layup and the Blazers rise to 12-6 at 7:33 to go on the first time out on the floor

How to Watch Live Streams Online: You can watch this game live with your cable provider login, or you can watch the game live for FREE on FuboTV (free trial) If you already have a cable package, you can watch the game live on NBC Track Sports NW with Your Cable Provider Credentials There are a variety of other streaming options that you can try: wwwnbacom / blazer / watch

The Blazers are hosting the Houston Rockets at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Moda Center, which means James Harden is in town and expected to play after being quarantined for violating the NBA’s COVID-19 protocols. p>

The Athletic reported Friday that Harden added the blazers to its short list of desired trade destinations, which includes Miami, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Boston

After a deal, could Harden stay in Portland all weekend and take the Blazers to Los Angeles to play the Lakers on Monday? In theory this could happen, but it doesn’t seem likely

What seems likely is a blazer win. Harden is out of shape and likely not motivated to do anything for a team he allegedly wants to leave Houston will do without John Wall, DeMarcus cousins, and Eric Gordon

Blazer: Forward Nassir Little (Health and Safety Protocols) is out Striker Zach Collins (ankle) is out He could return in late January

Missiles: Chris Clemons (right Achilles; operation), DeMarcus Cousins ​​(health and safety protocols), Eric Gordon (health and safety protocols), Mason Jones (health and safety protocols), Kenyon Martin Jr (Not with team self-isolating), Ben McLemore (not with team self-isolating), and John Wall (health and safety protocols) and out

After the game on Saturday, the Blazers will start a road trip with four games on Monday at the Los Angeles Lakers (1-1) The trip continues on Wednesday at the Los Angeles Clippers (2-0), followed by two games at the Golden State (0-2) on New Years Day and January 3

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Trail Blazers vs Rockets

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