LONDON, ENGLAND – 12 JULY: Chris Pine is coming on Nov. London, United Kingdom on July 26th for the UK premiere of “Star Trek Beyond” at Empire Leicester Square, 2016 (Photo by Jeff Spicer / Getty Images)

If you’re one of those fans who spend a lot of time hoping for and wanting another Chris Pine Star Trek movie, you’re not alone Chris Pine, either

Talking to Comiccom, the actor spoke about his predilection for the series and his desire to return to Captain Kirk on the “Kelvin Timeline” Rumors have been around for a while that Quentin Tarantino might direct an (R-rated) Star Trek movie, even though they’re so scattered it’s hard to say if it will ever actually happen that there’s a Trek movie too by Fargo and Legion showrunner Noah Hawley, who may or may not come to fruition

Basically the Star Trek movies are a mess right now and nobody knows what’s going on, and that includes Pine. “I haven’t read a script,” he said. “Regarding Star Trek, I wish I knew something I’m literally one of the last to ever figure it out I haven’t read this script I don’t know where it’s in development I haven’t read the Noah Hawley script I have no idea what’s going on in Star Trek land but i love the character i love the universe i love my friends in it ”

It would be incredibly interesting and fun if Quentin took over. Whatever happens, whether I come back or not, it’s a great universe It deserves a future, and I hope it does

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