Many European countries have changed mask mandates to require medical grade masks as new strains of COVID-19 are rapidly spreading, but the CDC continues to specifically discourage Americans from using medical masks. p>

GREER, S.C., Feb Sep. 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – With the US approaching half a million COVID deaths and the surge in new cases, the CDC continues to recommend the use of cloth masks, despite scientific research showing that they are very ineffective at preventing the spread of viruses such as COVID-19 While many homemade masks only filter 3% of the particles, Carolina Face Mask & PPE, a domestic mask maker, says their masks filter 95% or more.As epidemiologists around the world warn that homemade masks are not enough, many have European countries, including Germany and France, have prescribed medical grade masks for use in public institutions

When the pandemic first emerged, the US. was severely underequipped and lacked the machinery to make PPE at the speed it needed.Because America sourced PPE mostly from overseas suppliers, there weren’t enough masks for doctors, let alone the general public, as a result of which the CDC recommended the public to reusable cloth masks Wear to Obtain Medical Masks for Healthcare Workers However, the situation has changed since early 2020 as dozens of companies in the US, such as Carolina Face Mask & PPE in South Carolina, have invested in mask production machines to help stabilize domestic PPE supply

“We saw that our frontline workers and citizens urgently needed PPE. As veterans, our first reaction was that we had to step up,” says Rick Gehricke, COO of Carolina Face Mask & PPE. “Within a few weeks we did the entire production line set up and raw materials sourced from American production to ensure that we can sustainably supply high quality PPE in bulk “

To ensure safety, Nelson Laboratories have independently tested CFM’s face masks, confirming that the company’s masks exceed ASTM F2100 standards and offer a filtration rate of bacteria and particles greater than 99% in spite of them Certification, the masks cannot be labeled “medical masks” or used in medical facilities – until CFM receives FDA certification, which lasts up to a year and is an investment of tens of thousands of dollars

When CFM found its masks couldn’t help frontline workers, it was hoping to get straight to consumers, but the CDC website strongly discourages using medical masks so most people have no idea found that their currently reusable masks offer minimal protection CFM invested in several digital platforms to promote their highly effective masks, but to no avail

“Big Tech blocks local mask manufacturers at every turn,” says Gehricke. “Google, Facebook, everyone hid us from search results and blocked our ads even though they followed all the rules and even provided our certification documents.” The warehouses are full of masks that exceed medical standards, but millions of Americans inadvertently continue to risk their lives wearing ineffective cloth masks

“We have millions of life-saving masks on hand, but our hands are tied because of the big technology blocking us, overregulating the FDA and the CDC refusing to update protocols,” explains Gehricke

How many European countries have already announced that if we want to stop the spread, people will have to take off the cloth masks and use laboratory-tested, high-quality masks. When will the US come on board?

Carolina Face Mask & PPE currently offers consumers small quantities from 50 to 1000 masks online at CFM can also supply millions on special order (carolinafacemaskandppe) com) To schedule an interview with Carolina Face Mask or tour the manufacturing facility:

Carolina Face Mask produces Maskenjpg Carolina Face Mask produces masks with 99% filtration Carolina Face Mask & PSA was founded to stabilize the domestic supply of PSA The company’s masks are made in America for America from American raw materials

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